View Full Version : Questions on a Double Ended Bag for Muay Thai

11/28/2016 5:23pm,
Hey Everyone, I just discovered the Concept of the Double Ended Bag as used by Advanced Boxers.

Im thinking about getting one but I have some questions...

Has anyone ever used a Double Ended Bag for Muay Thai Training?

If so, is there any wisdom you can impart on using one to train Muay Thai?

also, does it train anything that cant be trained with "the lemon game"? and/or is it better training than "the lemon game"?

thank you,

11/29/2016 10:07am,
Lemon game? I googled it and everything.

11/29/2016 11:33am,
Lemon Game at 4:09


11/29/2016 1:19pm,
I'm guessing the double-ended bag would be faster than lemons, but similar concept.