View Full Version : ROL Academy - Orland Park, IL.

10/28/2016 12:41pm,
I visited the ROL Academy in Orland Park, IL., which is a southwest suburb of Chicago. and wanted to leave a review here about it.


First thing that struck me about the school is that it is very clean, which was great to see.

I was in the fundamentals class which focused on a self defense curriculum that the school owner put together. I've other martial arts before and would rate the self defense stuff as just ok. Not really good or bad.

We then worked on a choke and a reverse of to that choke and finished with some light rolling.

Overall I like the place. The staff and people there are all pretty cool and the facility is nice. I'm going for another visit as well as going to a few other academies but would say that if you are in the area it's definately worth checking out