View Full Version : Judo/JJ guy saves girl from being killed-

10/07/2016 12:39pm,
Good job.

Casey said he was picking up his mail in the Totem Park common area on Tuesday when two female students ran in, shouting that someone was being choked in another building. He ran to the scene and found a man holding a woman on the floor from behind with his hands around her neck.

Casey said he used his jiu-jitsu and judo training to place the man in a chokehold — but the suspect’s response was surprising.

“One-hundred-per-cent of people I’ve ever met, if they get put in a chokehold they put their hands on their neck and they defend themselves,” Casey said. “He didn’t care at all. He just kept holding on to her.”

Source: http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/man-who-came-to-the-rescue-of-fellow-student-slams-racist-response-to-ubc-attack

10/07/2016 2:34pm,
Casey chokes like a bitch.