View Full Version : something I've wondered, could a Bajiquan practitioner fill me in on this?

9/17/2016 5:52pm,
Ok so I've been training in Goju Ryu for a while, but I've had a fascination with Baji since playing Tekken and virtua fighter. I've looked at the styles side by side and noticed that, from at least how we train in my dojo, we tend to use similar elbow and close in fighting, and I can see some commonality visually between the two. I'm not aware of any connection or attempting to insinuate there is one, but I'm wondering what makes Baji have the reputation I ear of that it's revered. All I can gather is it uses short range explosive use of elbows and knees (which sounds a bit muay thai), but other things seem like that Baji might have something in common wit karate at some level?

9/17/2016 8:23pm,
In reality, the body moves in some pretty dependable patterns. We see those patterns again and again in different martial arts schools. I suspect the similarity in some patterns or movements is simply a result of basic bio-mechanical sameness that is common to people. Baiji has a circular foot pattern which is somewhat unique, unlike Karate. But, when the battle is joined, attacks to anatomical weak points happen and with people the weapons we have with us are our feet, hands, elbows, knees, etc. So use of those things can be expected in any unarmed engagement.

9/17/2016 9:53pm,
2 Arms, 2 Elbows, 2 Legs, 2 Knees, 1 Head etc.
All humans are very similar inside and out. You do get variations but those variations are very rare and must use different techniques and methodologies to generate power efficiently and deliver it to the target effectively.

Because of this many arts share techniques and methodology. This is also the reason why techniques tend to get "rediscovered" by dishonest instructors of arts which do not compete or/and discourage cross training.