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8/09/2016 4:06am,

Highlights from my only match at my first tournament ever. It was Copa Pacifica 2016 (April 24th) in Huntington Beach, CA. I was in the Masters (age 30+) white belt division. This was about two months into my BJJ training at Triunfo Jiujitsu & MMA under Felipe Fogolin.

I pulled guard (badly) to go for a cross collar choke. He eventually passed to side control. When he went for mount, I prevented it and got back to my feet. I cut out the majority of the stationary n00b cuddling.

He won on points for passing my guard. White belts were not allowed to be coached during the match.

8/10/2016 6:23am,
Holy ****, you just blew out my speakers.

8/10/2016 3:05pm,
My bad. Not much sound mixing going on when you edit on your phone.

12/31/2016 6:25pm,
Nice, thanks for sharing, I want to learn more BJJ.