View Full Version : Legit Japanese JuJitsu Self Defence Schools in Melbourne?

8/06/2016 5:18am,

So I'm kind of stuck for finding information about JJJ schools in Melbourne. Can anyone refer me to schools that teach JJJ that's applicable to modern times?

I've found that thus far the schools I've seen online look like they're all super traditional where you sit and watch then practice on a unresisting uke. To me it seems
like most of the JJJ schools represent that of Aikido schools where it's more about the cult and only being able to train with that one school with safety being the
only priority while the senior students show off their wicked moves.

I was looking at a video on the good ol You Tubs that popped up titled 'aikido v jujitsu training' with a guy called Trevor Steward from the UK teaching Jujitsu.
Are there any schools that actually teach no nonsense JJJ self defence? I've been told that a Systema place called Modern Combatives is very good and I'm a
little suss about Krav Maga schools including IDF Training & Krav Maga Melbourne.

For me I want quality teaching that has purpose and isn't watered down for Judo or traditional Kenjutsu wannabe samurai. I'm currently trying out a place I
rather not name which is good but pretty much as I described above. I'm also doing Judo which is great fun but the place where I'm learning at is super chill
which means I have two polar opposites except the JJJ school wants me to commit. The Judo puts a lot of what I've learned with the JJJ together but it shouldn't be that way
especially if you're selling 'Self Defence'.

Personally I like the the slow step by step instruction to learn the initial flow but beyond that you need non compliant subjects to spar with. I mean you cannot apply safe
wrist locks if you don't strike or unbalance the aggressor if they have their hands clenched. I'm not interested in the bone breaking locks because they're simply unlawful
unless the aggressor has a weapon.


Eddie Hardon
8/17/2016 4:35pm,
You might want to google Steve Cosgrave. He's a genuine Trad JJ 5th Dan now resident in Oz. Can't quite remember where but it's somewhere in Victoria. He is from the UK Jikishin Ju Jitsu group. Good luck.

8/18/2016 1:28am,
Try Kano Ryu. It's got self defence stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2wVlcLWAVQ

It's also got a sports aspect where you can bash people into the ground and then squish them