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6/29/2016 4:15pm,
How can I not find anything about this individual here?

He claims to have "created" this style in 2008.



In the video above, someone in the comments asks him for his training pedigree. His reply (my translation):

At the base, it is foot/fist sports I learned, starting with French Boxing (which is Savate, BTW). Then, for me, it is clear that what makes a self-defence instructor's resume is not his journey through the martial arts or combat sports, but his experience in the street. How many times did he fight, once? Never? 1000? What does he know of the street? For me, that is the real resume of a self-defence instructor, but, whatever. Yes, I have experience in security, and I am today an instructor in that field, and know that more and more security companies and security training centres are interested in the new elements that Cerebral is bringing because they are making security progress. But that too, it bothers certain people, and those people are bothered only and only (he repeats it for no reason) because they fear that the new elements in Cerebral Defense show the inefficiencies for those they are teaching and telling. Either way, good luck to them, because the Cerebral Defense machine is well in motion. Keep looking, PansHir (the person who asked him for his training), you are right, this is how you will discover cerebral Defense.

Someone named Jean-Paul Bindel also adds in the comments:

I am happy that Kamel, who was my student for a few months, mentions that this techniques are his personal creation. I emphasize that it is not me who has taught him this.

Also of interest is this post on a French forum:

http://www.techniques-martiales.com/tm-forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=gflfhh55ki9fsbvttda491cad7eken uf&topic=3948.msg62524#msg62524

A translation of that (once again, by yours truly):

First, Koob says:

Here is part of my presentation which allowed me to get the title of 'King of self defense' in the Masters division, against Franck Roppers in the bare-handed division, this Saturday, April 27th 2013, in Dieppe.

This F.Ropers replies:

Hello. I am getting multiple mails and texts about this, so I will answer all: <quote from Roop which I translated above.> ...

I am fine with being tolerant, but there are limits, and I cannot let this go. Enough is enough. So, I will put things in their context.
Mr.Koob claims publicly in the below post (from his Facebook page) that he won the title facing me (BTW, ROPERS has one 'P', and there is an A in penchak).
How can one write this? I won the masters 3 title and the supreme title. About the titles, the case is clear: 50 witnesses.
Concerning the rankings, 50 witnesses were there, and soon the video will show everyone's level.
For the rest, Mr.KOOB has fought me when? Surely, in his dreams. Sirs, the ones who are passionate about all disciplines, I let you judge his attitude. It's regrettable, it generates quarrels.
One thing is for sure: With the mouth and the keyboard, we are all champions, but on the mats, or even in front of a camera or an audience, things are different. It's just like in the streets, World Champions are on every corner. In conclusion: Mr Koob, please don't post erroneous information. Thanks, Franck

(here's the clip of him in Dieppe, BTW):


Another interview (in French), where he claims to have studied Kickboxing and Muay Thai as well:


Possibly my favourite video of his, titled "The Scream that Kills". The description reads:

On this video, Mr. KOOB, creator of the Cerebral Defense method verifies the efficiency of the scream that kills, practiced by Doctor TRUONG TAN PHUOC LONG DAI, last Kim Khan of his VERY GRACIOUS IMPERIAL MAJESTY BAO DAIm ancient Sovereign <misspelled word that I think was supposed to be "pontiff"> of ANNAM.


A newspaper article about him, from 2011: http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2011/03/22/1040620-l-art-cerebral-de-koob-fait-des-emules.html

He still has an active Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kamel.koob and must be tight with some magazine called Self Defense Mag, as here's an article where the above mentioned Ropers (I assume it's the same guy) stole his magical block:


and another one in the same magazine (not sure if it's the same issue, but this was shared on his FB page a few hours ago, so he's still actively around:


How can there be nothing here on this guy? I'm guessing it's either because I searched incorrectly, or because all the material is in French, so no one bothered to go through it?



6/30/2016 1:26pm,
Because he's a nut-bag fraud ?

6/30/2016 1:57pm,
Because he's a nut-bag fraud ?

Which is exactly why I would expect to find something about him here!

6/30/2016 2:02pm,
Which is exactly why I would expect to find something about him here!Keep on looking.

6/30/2016 5:10pm,
What a wanker. And I'm an American. From the south. We don't say wanker. This is serious.

6/30/2016 6:06pm,
Keep on looking.
I guess I don't have to, since I created this post about him!