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Jim Giant
6/26/2016 11:09pm,
Competed in an English country backswording (ECB) tournament yesterday. In ECB you only score points by hitting your opponent above the eyeline and your offhand must remain behind your back. To win a match you need to score 3 bloods (points) and timed hits don't score for either party.

The top 4 gamesters are going through to the nationals in September.

The tournament consisted of heats of 3 fights each after which bloods were totalled up and the top 8 gamesters (their word for competitors) made it through to the quarter finals at which point it turned in to a knockout tournament.

I cleared the heats with 2 wins and 1 loss for a total of 7 points. (1-3, 3-2, 3-0)

I was hoping to make it in to the top 4 but I ended up getting knocked out in the quarter finals by the reigning champion. I did manage to score a point against him though and I think I was the only person who managed to do this.

Considering my opponents and the fact I only had about 2 weeks of training in ECB rules I'm happy with my performance. I made mistakes but I learned from them as the tournament went on.

My first fight was against the head instructor from a Scottish club who ended up coming 2nd overall:

Ended up losing 3 - 1

In the past I've found that repeated strikes to the same location will eventually force your opponent to guard that location leaving the head open but this simply didn't work against him. If I was to fight him again I'd use a very different strategy.

By the end of the fight I needed all my strength to keep my guard up due to fatigue in my side delt. 10 minutes is a fairly long fight but I really shouldn't have fatigued so quickly. Luckily for me one of the matches before I had to fight again lasted over an hour so I was able to adequately recover before the next round and didn't suffer with this problem too badly for the rest of the day.

Overall Injuries during the course of the day:
My back received the most punishment.
Got hit in the dick but manged to keep going and win the exchange.
Got smacked in the ear and back of the head where it wasn't protected
Strike to the Elbow caused it to swelled up to the point where I couldn't raise my hand to the opposite shoulder.
Minor forearm bruising
Moderate Sun burn on 10% of my body (note to self bring sun tan lotion next time)

I'll update this as the other fights get uploaded.

6/27/2016 3:02am,
I can see why your elbow got smashed up! Do you ever go to any of the medieval reinactment shows?

Jim Giant
6/27/2016 4:58am,
Second fight, student of the first guy:


Stick broke at 5 seconds in. Of course this means immediately stopping the match and getting a replacement. Ended up going 2-0 down but caught up and won with 3 bloods in a row. He ended up in the quarter finals too but can't remember who he went up against.

Jim Giant
6/27/2016 5:04am,
Third Fight:


Watching him fight I knew he was more skilled than me overall and had better endurance so I decided to go on the offensive end the fight as quickly as possible relying on my speed and out working him. This man placed 4th overall.

6/27/2016 7:44am,
I'm curious if you perceive any strengths or weaknesses due to your left-handedness.

Jim Giant
6/27/2016 9:09am,
I can see why your elbow got smashed up! Do you ever go to any of the medieval reinactment shows?

Not yet but I'd like to. You'll see the strike which did my elbow near the of the next video to upload.

You'll see the strike to my elbow near the end of the next video being uploaded.

I'm curious if you perceive any strengths or weaknesses due to your left-handedness.

It changes your angle of attack and which guards work. If I was against another left hander I'd be attacking the unprotected forearm from hanging guard a lot more for example.

Left handers have more experience against right handers than vice versa so being left handed is definitely an advantage.

Jim Giant
6/27/2016 9:25am,
Quarter Final against the reigning champion:


Very happy I managed to score a single blood and had another strike which was close to scoring. He's the son of the organiser and has been doing this for probably half his life. Not gonna lie I was shitting myself during this match. I suspect we'd be far more even with steel but with those sticks he's just way too quick.

The final point he won by striking my elbow and following up with a decisive blow while I was stunned. Had I had elbow protection I would have survived that exchange but there was no question he's have won in the end.

The final will be up next.

Jim Giant
6/27/2016 2:03pm,
And finally the final!


They both deserved to be there though the person in 3rd place would have given 2nd a run for their money IMO. Ended up 3-0. The Scottish guy was probably more resilient and had great composure but the speed gap was just too great.

Jim Giant
6/28/2016 8:11am,
First video deleted due to content ID issue and reuploaded with the sound muted at the offending part.