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Ahmed Sameh
12/08/2015 6:59am,
Having studied a variety of fighting styles from childhood including boxing, karate, judo and tae kwon do, Grandmaster Niel Wilcott was an accomplished martial artist by his late teens. Discovering Choy Li Fut Kung Fu in 1996, Niel went on to train as a direct student Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, head of the Plum Blossom Federation, which boasts over two million members worldwide. Under the Plum Blossom Federation, Niel competed in competitions and tournaments all over the world, winning Gold and Silver medals at the 2004 World Traditional Wushu Tournament in Zhengzhou, China and won at the Republic of China International Tai Chi Chuan Federationís World Championship Push Hands competition in 2006.

In 2010, Niel became the PBFís highest-ranking European member and fifth-highest in the entire organisation, acquiring techniques and information considered sacred by the PBF inner circle. Following a series of personal and professional disagreements, Niel departed the organisation shortly after and began to learn under the tutelage of Chan Sun Chiu - great-great grandson of Chan Heung (founder of Choy Li Fut) and true inheritor of the Choy Li Fut martial system. Under Chan Sun Chiuís guidance, Niel earned the title of Grandmaster and completed his knowledge of Choy Li Fut and Lohan Yoga to the highest level.

Niel now works towards spreading the knowledge and traditions of the Choy Li Fut system from his headquarters in Norwich, where he currently teaches. Niel continues to train and expand his knowledge of martial arts, as well as studying and training toward professional qualifications in sports injury treatment & massage, nutrition and psychotherapy.

There are currently nine instructors running schools under the Lohan name in the UK and across Europe which Niel has personally tested and accredited to uphold his high standard of knowledge and teaching. There are also in excess of fifty more currently working toward their Lohan accreditation around the world.

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So, how old is this guy? Grandmaster?

Please post competition video of the "Grandmaster". I couldn't find any on the Interwebz...