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10/24/2015 3:56am,
Hi guys am new to the site although I have lurked for awhile . I do realise that the introduction should be in the Noob section however since I am a technical neanderthal and can't find it I will post it here .

My background is as follows I am 40 and from south africa and began karate at age 14 doing Shukokai under Sensei Chris Ensil and graded to yellow belt .
After which I moved to Ashihara and graded to yellow again .
I currently am a 4th kyu under Shihan Kenny Uytenbogaardt of IKO1 and hope to return to Africa honbu in January and restart training after a hiatus .

In preparation for it I have begun weight lifting and 1 30 hrs of karate (mostly kihon and ido geiko with a smattering of pad work ) in the hopes that the inevitable pain will be less (lol)

Any event it's great being here and keep me giggling

10/24/2015 11:13am,
Welcome to Bullshido.