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9/15/2015 8:07am,

In a move that has many outraged MMA fans crying "BS", the Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended the license of Nick Diaz for a period of five years following a positive test for Marijuana.

Diaz, age 32, a contender in the UFC and is a former Strikeforce welterweight champion, is noted for his use of the drug in the past. However, the severity of the suspension has called into question the possibility of bias on the part of the commission, given that suspensions for Performance Enhancing Drugs such as various steroids, have been significantly lighter.

What do you think, is there bias against Diaz, against marijuana? Or is this an appropriate response on behalf of the athletic commission?

9/15/2015 8:40am,
Completely ridiculous. Punishment should be severe for steroid use because that is actually cheating. Smoking weed isn't cheating. If I were a fighter, I'd gladly buy my opponent all the weed he could smoke.

9/15/2015 8:52am,
To play devil's advocate this was his 4th offence with the Athletic Commission. 2 already for marijuana and another for starting a brawl in Strikeforce.

9/15/2015 8:55am,
The athletic commission shouldn't be regulating substances that don't improve performance in the first place.

9/15/2015 12:10pm,
Its bullshit. 5 years is a long goddamn time. Nevada's not the only place you can fight though. I hear you can get a medical card in NV, but they don't accept cards from other states. I wonder if such a card could've saved him the trouble.

Tranquil Suit
9/15/2015 1:31pm,
An eloquent summary:


9/15/2015 5:41pm,
So, he wants to fight the pain which lingers from fighting for our entertainment with something non-addictive, non-lethal and non-performance enhancing...and that's a problem.

The messed up part is that if he wanted to go to his doctor and get himself hooked on dangerous and addictive pain pills, THAT would be just hunky-dori. **** the state of Nevada.

9/16/2015 2:05am,
Fucking hell this is stupid. Weed is literally the opposite of a PED. The closest thing to fighting I would consider doing while blazed would be some light bag work. And then I would stop considering it and go back to watching the 1966 Batman movie. The NSAC is a joke.

9/17/2015 9:35am,
Here is Al Pacino expressing my sentiments on the situation fairly well: https://youtu.be/KaCMvISo7RE?t=6s

W. Rabbit
9/17/2015 10:36am,
Here is Al Pacino expressing my sentiments on the situation fairly well: https://youtu.be/KaCMvISo7RE?t=6s

Here's a similar but slightly longer version playing in my own head.

I guess Nick wasn't the UFC version of a "Baird Man".


W. Rabbit
9/17/2015 10:38am,
Rhonda's version


9/17/2015 3:17pm,
Lift the NSAC ban from MMA fighter Nick Diaz.
Nick Diaz was unfairly banned from being a professional fighter by the Nevada Athletics Commission. They ruled based on their personal feelings and beliefs towards the use of medical Marijuana and used their power to deprive Mr.Diaz of being able to make a living.


9/18/2015 4:53pm,
They ruled based on their personal feelings toward marijuana
They ruled based upon their feelings toward Nick Diaz
They ruled based upon their own ego .

Power hungry little bitches...

I'm actually surprised to see all the support for nick here at bullshido.
Where's all the dorks that usually carry on with the " don't do the crime if u can't do the time " and "he knows the rules" or " he knew it would get him fired y take the chance "?

Good to see bullshido, good to see.

9/19/2015 2:35pm,
I am confused about the need for a "ruling". Putting aside the debate on the rule itself, why aren't punishments for violations determined before anyone is tested?

9/23/2015 9:33pm,
Rhonda's version


Yeah, they're friends, she rolls at his house sometimes.
I think it's redic too. I do get that he violated the rule numerous times, but it's a stupid fucking rule. How many people who do BJJ don't smoke weed? Almost all of the ones I know do. It's not like it's fucking PCP or roids. I am allergic to that **** myself. It makes my throat close up, if I breathe any smoke secondhand. Berkeley sucks to walk around in. San Francisco, too. But you know, RWaggs has a great point. It doesn't **** you up like a number of prescription drugs can. I dunno. It's for pain. It's dumb.
Yeah he's said it is good for rolling because it helps you relax. Okay. Oh no, he relaxes more. What a cheater, I guess?
I don't care for his public face, hear he's a chill dude in person from the people I know who know him, but I think this is dumb. It's really dumb. Fucked up to essentially end someone's career.
Making enemies can make that happen. Heh. But it doesn't mean it's fair.

9/25/2015 7:50am,
Usually on these type rulings, they can be reviewed and altered or amended. I hope he asks for a review after he gives it some time. Perhaps a mentor can help his attitude (if that played a part- but hey, he has always been a bit of a contrarian yeah?)

There is much to question, but not a question is the effect marijuana has on pain- thus in and of itself, it can enhance a fighters performance from the point of view that you can take more of a beating. Football players who smoke before games, are amazingly more aggressive, because of how it helps with chronic pain, joints and such. So, if that gives him an edge, it certainly is not fair. The life of an MMA fighter is already short- and the money sucks, (compared to top level Boxing...which...nevermind- we get it)

Did he have to attend his suspension hearing? Perhaps he had to stand there and attempt to defend himself, and that cannot be good.
We have had many MMA fighters get suspended in their own state, many in my humble opinion have been reduced or mitigated by the persons own attitude about being accountable. I know of no states who will go against Nevada by the way, but I have been out for a couple years now.

I have always enjoyed watching Nick fight. He can take punishment as well. Marijuana most certainly can buy him more time in a fight, if properly used, thus I get why the suspension, the length of the suspension is a question mark to me, a one year suspension from competing even is hard to me, BUT...I don't know all the facts. Barnett had issues, repeat issues. Only suspended for six months and stripped, so it seems that we regulators are deciding to hammer these guys. Problem is consistency. Barnett on steroids, Nick smoking dope. Or is is something else. And have things changed, with patience on these guys? If anyone has access to the ruling, can I get the link?

I do agree with the post above about its fucked up to essentially end someone's career, and if by chance these regulators are taking things personal, they need to be corrected on this and/or removed. There is absolutely no room for personalities to enter this part of the sport. None at all. Maybe a lawsuit is coming soon...based on what little I know, 6 months suspension, drug test him, review and then move on, each time he tests positive 3 more months, he will run out of money or not give a ****, or better, develop a skill to stop the stupid bowl smoking and heal up before he is done anyway. Hell they may be trying to kill the mans ability to earn a living at all, and that I question.