View Full Version : My new book is published and on Amazon!!

Mor Sao
8/21/2015 12:08pm,
My first book on Iron Skills is published!!

You can purchase it from Amazon or if you would like a signed copy you can purchase the book from my online store at www.daledugasherbs.com (http://www.daledugasherbs.com)



W. Rabbit
8/21/2015 1:14pm,
So is this pretty much a written treatment of what you've put on the DVDs? (which are great btw).

You have a great instructional style can't wait to check this out.

Mor Sao
8/21/2015 2:20pm,
Its foundational, so you are getting the foundation on hand training, arm training and fingers

the body training will be another whole book

You can get your signed copy from me at www.daledugasherbs.com

8/22/2015 12:24am,
It looks fascinating. I'll have to pick up a copy, these old methods are always of interest to me from an academic viewpoint.

8/22/2015 10:34am,
Any chance of an ebook version in the future?

Mor Sao
8/22/2015 2:56pm,
The publisher, Mark Wiley of Tambuli Media said no ebooks.


9/19/2015 12:21am,
It's on my list regardless. I just got back from a chunk of time on the road, so I'll pick it up in the near future :)