View Full Version : Teacher in Oregon?

8/09/2015 1:10am,
Hey everyone, I was wandering if you guys knew of someone who taught Xingyiquan locally to the Salem/Lebanon/Albany/Eugene area, in Oregon? I live in Lebanon, and I can get to Salem and Eugene in under an hour or so, Albany in about 30 minutes. Portland is still too far away, otherwise it wouldn't be too hard. I've done searching online, and I've called around. David Leung doesn't teach it, only WIng Chun, and they teach Tajiquan at his studio.

If anyone knows of anyone in this area, I would be very thankful.


7/13/2017 7:19pm,
He teaches kung fu and is a really nice guy. Check it out. He taught me a fun spiral takedown from the thai clinch that impressed a bunch of folks in China.