View Full Version : Nick Osipczak doing a little push hands

7/04/2015 5:14pm,
Former UFC guy prepping for his comeback with...a little light fixed-step push hands in an airport parking lot?


He did win his match. Couldn't find a vid of the complete fight, but there a couple bits floating around.

He ended up walking into a fist right up front:

Toward the end of this video (his sister is a YouTube personality of some sort) you can see a bit more footage.


9/16/2015 8:11am,
Yeah I was at the fight. It was so short that the snippets you do see pretty much cover it.
His opponent came out serious fast and landed a tasty punch that caused Nick's eye to immediately mouse up (underneath) and bleed. The doc gets in to check he could continue, which took some of Redfearn's momentum though he still kept the pressure up. Nick had to clinch and throw him getting his back in the scramble and... BJJ for the win.

Nick has been teaching me the Yang style he's learned.