View Full Version : Would it be good to know KM and either Sytema or KFM?

6/05/2015 7:46pm,
Let's say someone was a black belt in an art. They want to add two arts. Or they've completed Krav Maga and they want to add on either Systema or Keysi Fighting Method, etc. How good of a combination is that? Is it too not well-rounded, or does it work well in a fight?

10/31/2015 3:24pm,
Don't bother with either, especially Systema.

The good martial arts to train are the following;
Grappling: Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo.
Striking: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing.

If you want one class that covers it all, you could try MMA but it can be hard to master anything in a class that tries to teach everything. It all comes down to the instructors and the other students. Don't fall for anything that promises results quickly and/or easily or leans heavily on a belt system to make their students fulfilled.

10/31/2015 7:39pm,
To answer your questions. No and no.