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5/05/2015 6:24am,
I stopped training at this club last year due to injuries, not being able to afford it anymore and a bit disappointed with the decline of Muay Thai instruction.

Still thought a review would be helpful as I haven't found any on here.

Aliveness, club has a dominant competition team. Not giving a 10 because of Muay Thai training which has variable quality and only soft sparring since mostly beginners attended.

Equipment is top of the line: ring, weights, machines, crossfit, cage, heavy bags, clean mats everywhere.

Gym size, the largest in Belgium as far as I know.

Atmosphere/attitude, friendly staff but some cliques and occasional douchebaggery, generally nice though. No theft, agression or intimidation, which can be a problem in some clubs here.

Striking. Good boxing, MMA oriented, though I did not receive a lot of personal attention compared to grappling classes. Muay Thai used to be very good, but at the end of my membership really suffered from lack of teachers and consistency.

Grappling instruction is excellent despite some changes in staff. Separate classes in wrestling, nogi, BJJ. Many high level competitors, black belts, brown belts, purples. Also dedicated wrestling coach (rare in Belgium) whose classes I did not attend but seemed very technical and legit.

Weapons instruction N/A

if any of this has changed in the meanwhile, updates appreciated.

5/05/2015 7:42am,
Odd. I'm seeing the Equipment score as "1-". I doubt that is what you meant.

5/05/2015 8:39am,
You're right, I meant 10. I also don't see how I can edit the ratings.

5/06/2015 1:52am,
It's probably a bug in the forum software. You'll want to post about it in the support forum (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=11)

Cake of Doom
5/06/2015 3:34am,
I'm also seeing a 5 for weapons instruction whilst the review says that's not applicable.

Is that a default setting or a finger slip?