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4/04/2015 7:07pm,
昂拳is said to be a style practiced by the Zhuang people of Guang Xi China. The Zhuang are believed to be related to the people of South East Asia. It looks very similar to mauy thai, what do you guys think of it?

The Dai people of China another ehtnic group related to the people of South East Asia also practice a style similar to muay thai. This style is shown in Kung Fu Quest 3 Muay Thai but there's no english subtitles :(

Kung Fu Quest 3 Muay Thai: The style is shown starting from around 5 minutes

Ang Quan
Skip to 50seconds if you dont read chinese
Some light sparring
Kids Sparring


4/05/2015 5:24pm,
No one has any thoughts about this? I thought people would like it :(

4/05/2015 6:24pm,
Youku isn't working for me.

The youtube link for "light sparring" is a dude elbowing and kicking air like he just saw OngBak's special feature technique segment.

The "kids light sparring" was a clusterfuck of shitty foot work, head turning away while punching, no defense, terrible movement, windmill punches, wild haymakers, and a complete lack of kicking, technique or any sort of defense .

So ... yeah. I guess what I am trying to say is I have no fucking clue what this is all about. I can't even verify one video is associated with the other one becouse none of the techniques look anywhere close. The kids light sparring looked like really super shitty boxing and I already mentioned the "light sparring" video is nothing but kata.

Thank you for sharing tho. Maybe you or someone else can dig up some more info or videos to enlighten my ignorant ass.

4/06/2015 3:24am,
Whoops I made a mistake, the youku video at the bottom was the sparring/training not the YouTube one.

What do you think of the kung fu quest episode?

4/06/2015 6:49am,
Youku is working for me now! Yippy!

The bottom link is actually quite nice for light contact, no safety gear, demonstration of technique. They seemed to be focusing on controlled technique and some of it looked good, some of it looked very questionable ... and I would hesitate to call it sparring. More like 2 man compliant free form drilling.

Like spiking the kick at the knee with an elbow at 8 seconds in... that just seems like a disaster waiting to happen without controlling or deflecting/checking/catching the kicking leg. Or the leaning in and reaching out to intercept a body kick with the forearm ( yes a singular forearm :O ). That is how you break your forearm...those two examples and many other subtle things give me the feeling these folks saw the special features on the Ong Bak DVD.

Or maybe they just don't actually spar with any contact often.

I haven't see the Kung Fu Quest episode... . But if it is like Fight Quest or Fight Science ... I doubt it will shed any light, but I will watch it next.

4/06/2015 6:58am,
That Kung Fu Quest is useless to me without translation and context. Anything could be going in that video.

again I saw lots of downward reaching forearm blocks against body and leg kicks and odd techniques I don't really think are all that wise for full contact Martial Arts.

4/06/2015 6:56pm,
I looked on that guy's youku channel and there's a bunch of other videos.

Ang Quan Sparring



4/06/2015 10:29pm,
That first video looked like a lot of fun. Solid contact, distinct techniques and approaches to situations. The video host has completely stopped working for me again ... on all my OS's so I cannot comment on anything besides that.