View Full Version : I got the gig: commantator at IMCF world championships!

captain zorikh
3/25/2015 2:06pm,
I just wanted to share this with my friends in the martial arts/swordfighting/armored combat/medieval interest/LARP/rennie diaspora.

I have been selected as one of the on-air commentators of the broadcast of the International Medieval Combat Federation world championships in Malbork, Poland!
https://www.facebook.com/imcfederation/posts/811966382209904?pnref=story (https://www.facebook.com/imcfederation/posts/811966382209904)

Here is the audition video that I made that got me the gig:


I am also bringing over a couple of experienced camerarmen to shoot for a video of the USA team as they go for the championship against the world's best. (I have a crowdfunding page set up to finance this http://www.gofundme.com/usaknights2015)

This is basically a double-barreled approach to bringing the sport to a broader audience. Whatever you may think of the idea of grown men and women dressing up in medieval armor and bashing each other with blunt steel weapons, whatever critiques you may have of the rules and the differences between this and your martial art or sport, you cannot deny the effort these people are putting forth.

If you have ever faced a challenge that required more effort then you thought you could put forth, think of these guys, fighting as hard as any MMA fighter, wearing as much armor as any warrior, and risking life and limb because representing their country in this sport is important to them. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.