View Full Version : Gracie Nationals 2015: Eddie Cummings vs Denny Prokopos - Full video inside

2/09/2015 8:27am,

Yesterday, Cummings (Renzo Gracie) fought Prokopos (10th Planet) in a No-Gi submission only match at Gracie Nationals. I was looking forward to this match due to Cummings, an up and coming leg-lock specialist that trains with Gary Tonon, vs Prokopos, 10th planet Black Belt, a style that focuses on No-gi Submission only events. This should make for a very exciting match, and it was. Cummings pulled guard early dropping to butterfly guard. Due to the format, takedowns do not score therefore it seems neither party were very interested in working the standup game. Prokopos immediately drops to pass on the knees. Cummings is known as a leg lock specialist and therefore Prokopos did not want Cummings underneath his base with access to his feet. Prokopos defended well without exposing his feet. Cummings tried to switch it up several times from an arm drag to a hook sweep, however, when in trouble Prokopos successfully scrambled back to a neutral position before re-engaging Cummings' guard. Around the 5 minute mark in the video, Prokopos gets the upper hand by going over Cummings' guard into a Japanese Necktie/Brabo Choke putting Cummings in some real danger but ultimately escaping. After another 2 minutes Cummings hits a nice snap down into a front headlock from his sitting guard, which he uses to spin behind Prokopos and take his back. Prokopos is in real trouble here however, as there is no points to worry about he calmly defends the choke and eventually escapes. The match goes back to the butterfly guard vs passing game from the first part match. Cummings once again goes for his hook sweep and again Prokopos tries to scramble away. However, this time Cummings was able to come on top and grab the foot of the retreating Prokopos establishing the top position. Cummings uses this top position to jump on Prokopos' leg as Prokopos tries to establish a guard. Prokopos straightens his leg to defend the leg control, however, Cummings counters with inside to outside pressure to force a bend in the leg. Laying on top of Prokopos leg prevents Prokopos from standing up and Cumming finishes with a Heel Hook. This was a very technical match with 2 very high level submission grapplers.