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2/06/2015 7:35pm,

Local hero and owner of the gym where I now workout, B.J. Penn got in a fight outside a bar on Maui and got popped for assault. It's his second offense, first was expunged after he fought a cop several years ago - the cop was trying to stop a fight and B.J. clocked him. I heard that this time it was actually his good buddy that he fought. Seems from this article that he was losing it. When I see him I'll try to avoid getting killed, but as a sr bb I am going to tell him that this is shameful and will certainly hurt him financially - his brother JD actually teaches the BJJ (and seems more mellow and sane), but would you want to take your kids in for lessons from the out-of-control street fighter? OK, some of you do...

"BJ Penn slammed his head against a solid wooden bar 3 times in anger ... before the ex-UFC champ went outside and got into a fight this weekend say sources from the bar.

We're told ... BJ was a "perfect gentleman" when he arrived to the South Shore Tiki Lounge in Maui on Saturday night -- but became agitated and at one point began banging his head into the bar.

"He was definitely aggravated at something," one source tells us who also says Penn did NOT appear to be drunk.

"He only had one drink. At first he was okay, then he was hitting his head on the bar .... and 20 minutes later he was outside fighting."

As we previously reported, Penn allegedly attacked one of his friends in the parking lot -- and reportedly injured the guy so bad, he was hospitalized for a broken eye socket.

Penn was later arrested for assault. Cops are still investigating the incident.

2/06/2015 8:23pm,
Yeah it is ****. But someone has to tell him off for that kind of thing.

W. Rabbit
2/06/2015 10:10pm,


According to police reports he was inebriated..."drunk MMA pro" yep this is the outcome I expect, fights with best friends, like "Fight Club" but not cool.

I'm with Khabib Nurmagomedov, I think wine and women can hurt your game.

There's more to this story than we know.


2/07/2015 5:53pm,
So what's the point of being an athlete if you can't have the perks of being an athlete??

2/08/2015 10:31am,
So what's the point of being an athlete if you can't have the perks of being an athlete??

I suppose there's the Aristotelian ideal of excellence, but who the hell am I kidding?

Wounded Ronin
3/19/2015 3:43pm,
Dementia from his fight career?

3/27/2015 6:24pm,
How does this not surprise me? Take away the opportunity to fight in a ring, and it's going to bleed over into real life. I always thought of him as a thug, a badass, very talented thug, but a thug just the same. I know Ralph Gracie hates him for training in BJJ then buying into the whole Gracie Killer title, but Ralph is a thug, too. I have to wonder if this is all going to come back to "this is why we stopped doing this in the first place!"