View Full Version : Trying to organize MMA workout club in Citrus Heights, CA

Matt Phillips1
2/02/2015 2:23pm,
Am looking to meet people who are interested in forming a club where we can train MMA in a friendly and non-egotistical way.

The goal is to practice sparring (stand up, on the ground, or a mixture of both!) but would like to have ground sparring take in consideration adding punches and other forms of contact (lightly of course so no one gets hurt) but still accounting for it to make it more self-defense oriented and awareness up instead of just sporty BJJ rules.

Is this a foolish idea? Is there already good clubs in my area (not expensive) that do this?

Anyhow, any comments or interested people please let me know. I don't mind putting some cash into some nice mats or whatever. Hell, I can clear out my garage for a space too. Just trying to keep it real with some cool folks.