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Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia (Marcus Vinicius)
5th Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo


Typically, the last 30 minutes of practice are reserved for sparing. During the month or so leading up to larger competitions (Worlds, US Open, Pans) sparing will be for the majority of practice in competition format (rounds, points etc.). Marcus typically matches us up with our next partner.


The Zebra mats are pretty new and in perfect shape. There is also a plethora of weights and equipment that we use during warm up. We may be using kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, ab wheels etc. during warm up in a circuit training type way. The general facilities are very clean and well kept. Gym is cleaned and disinfected daily. Mats are always clean. A foot cleaning station with an antimicrobial liquid is stationed for use before you step on the mat. There is a male, and separate female changing area including restroom and showers. The men’s has 2 showers and the females has 1. Both are regularly cleaned and in great condition.


Gym Size:

I am unsure of its size and can’t accurately estimate square footage. There is usually enough room to not roll into each other depending on how many people are at class. If 30 or more people are there, it gets pretty tight.

Instructor/Student Ratio:

Depending on the day we may have as many as 4 BJJ Black Belt instructors promoted by Marcus helping and participating. Marcus is always teaching unless he is away at a seminar or something. Marcus is personally there, teaching the vast majority of classes.
Typically during the week there will be Marcus, and his son Vinny, who is also a Black Belt teaching. Vinny will assist his father in walking around during instruction or answering questions. Also during sparring after a match, or submission a few words of advice or encouragement may be given by the instructors before their next match. There is a never a time when personalized help is not provided, and is always be given if technique is not up to standards. Sometimes class is separated into 2 groups, advanced, and not and different curriculum may be taught to each.
Vinny teaches the children’s and teens’ class and there is usually a Purple Belt assistance instructor as well.



Being a dick is not allowed. You will be asked to leave or assaulted if you caused serious problems. We do not intentionally injure each other and we do feel a responsibility to not injure our training partners. We are all very friendly but here to train hard. Most of us are competitors who want to learn and win. Many of us push ourselves very hard and don’t kid around too much during class. If one was sitting when they should be standing, or talking when they should be listening, they will be corrected. Those that are not competitors are still very welcomed and accepted. We have a good mix of serious competitors, there for fitness, young, older etc. Marcus also has many celebrity students who may be there on any given day.


Striking Instruction:

I used to attend the striking classes when we had a Chute Boxe Academy instructor back in the early 2000's, but have not trained striking in over 10 years, thusly cannot provide a review.

Grappling Instruction:

Marcus himself was a very successful high level BJJ competitor and has won just about every high level tournament there is. Many earlier UFC fighters trained, and even lived at BHJJC.
At the Worlds this year I believe we sent 9 competitors, and 7 medaled. I have trained at many other high level and well known BJJ gyms but enjoy the instruction and style of Marcus the best, by far. Technique is taught at a high and low level. All details are broken down clearly. Step by step from start to finish are provided and demonstrated. We usually learn a "series" a week. Say Omoplatas. On Monday we will learn set ups and how to find it, and apply it from different scenarios. On Tuesday we will learn 3 ways to finish, one at a time, practiced, and then move to the next. On Wednesday we will learn 4 more finishes and a quick review of the previous days. On Thursday we will learn 4 ways to escape, and a quick review of the previous days. On Friday we will learn 2 more escapes and some combinations - how to go from triangle to arm bar to Omoplata etc., and a review from the previous days. You will be left with a vast arsenal for any situation to apply the move we are learning that week. Not just how to apply the technique, but how to find it from many positions, how to avoid and escape it, and how to set up an entire series to trap your opponent.


We do incorporate self-defense technique, curriculum, and testing into our training, but weapons are not a specific emphasis.

More personally;
I have been training at BHJJC since perhaps 2002, and was awarded my Purple Belt 12/2014. I have probably taken off close to 10 years off and on during that time due to work and moving.
My brother started taking privates when he was training to be a police officer and needed a partner, which I gladly volunteered for. Being a 20 year wrestler, I figured I would be able to dominate the BJJ guys and maybe learn how to do choke. I was wrong. On my first day I clearly remember him telling me to put him in any position I want, or try to take him down, or resist his take downs etc. They all ended with copious tapping out on my part. I was completely helpless, as one would expect from a high level BJJ Black Belt, but for someone us we have to experience it to believe it.
After a few months of privates I joined the group classes and have been training there off and on ever since. It’s a really good environment and we have some really good high level guys who can challenge anybody. Dr. Rob and Judo Marc will give anybody trouble and help you find where you need to improve. Vinny, is extremely technical and has many solutions for any problem or question.

Marcus, his wife Denise, son Vinny and daughter Isabella are a warm and friendly family unit often at the gym welcoming people. We often have BBQ’s or other events where we all get together to celebrate accomplishments, holidays or special events.

Marcus’ master, Grand Master Francisco Mansor is a Red Belt under Helio Gracie. A few times a year he will come down to teach a seminar and share his hilarious stories from the old days in Brazil or being a Narco Terrorism Police Officer.

1080 S. La Cienega Blvd #106
Los Angeles, CA 90035

[email protected]
Tel: 310-854-7664


Early 2000's, the old location.


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A video of some of Marcus' matches


A fun video with Marcus' Master, GM Mansor