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12/30/2014 2:16pm,
These are the competitions I have recorded from this year. I Started BJJ back in like 2002 but took 10 years or so off throughout the years. The longest stretch was the last - I just started back about 8 months ago, and didn't train, or exercise for the 7 or so years leading up to it.

I also wrestled since I was a kid. I try not to look like I know how to "do stand up", as you will see by my close-to-straight up and goofy looking stance - its mostly a rouse, I want people to shoot in on me.

I compete in Medium Heavy (195lbs), Blue Belt for Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club and weigh in at about 194.6lbs usually. I drop about 10lbs leading up to competitions.

First tournament in 8 years or so BJJ by the Sea 08/2014. Two fights, took 1st.

Fight 1


Fight 2


Second tournament, Five Grappling 09/2014. Two fights, didn't place.

Fight 1 - He felt pretty weak, I really wanted to submit him with a punch choke because i have never seen it done. Unfortunately he just allowed his throat to be brutalized instead.


Fight 2 - I had some grade 2 partially torn ligaments in my foot, I was up 6-0 and then re-injured my foot, and lost my desire to fight. At 2:30 I go down hill very fast.


An in house match at another school, 10/2014

Not much to say about it.


12/30/2014 2:22pm,
IBJJF Long Beach Open - 10/2014. Two fights, took 1st.

Fight 1


Fight 2


IBJJF World Masters Championships - 11/2014 - 4 fights, won 3 - took 3rd.

Fight 1 - I will dance around on my feet and eat up time all day if I can. He got nervous after our warning and made a terrible choice.


Fight 2 - Won by ref decision, had a hard time escaping his half guard.


Fight 3 - Minute and a half of dancing, 3 seconds on the mat.


12/30/2014 2:23pm,
Fight 4 - got out wrestled and taken down - twice. Mind.Blown.


I would have competed at the Long Beach BJJ Pro, already registered and paid, but I dislocated a rib. Now I have to not train for 2 months, and will have 3 weeks to get back in shape for the Pan's in March...


Dec 20th, 2014.

12/30/2014 2:53pm,
Congrats man! We added a tag on your user account to identify your shiny new rank.

12/30/2014 3:02pm,
Congrats man! We added a tag on your user account to identify your shiny new rank.

Super awesome. I'm super semi-legit now! Had to beat up a lot of dudes to get that purple belt.

3/30/2015 11:06pm,
Footage from the IBJJF Chicago Spring Open - March 29, 2015

I had a friend in Detroit I don't see, so I flew up there for a day and we drove down to Chicago to compete. Since I wanted to eat and such I registered as Heavy Weight - up to 208lbs. I actually weighed in at 189. Basically gave up 20lbs.

These are my first ever NoGi matches - I started adding NoGi a few months prior.

Match 1
Not sure when I hurt his nose, he bled all over my hand and my back.
He actually put me to sleep at the end. My escape to look for his collar and stack and choke his didn't work since he didn't have a gi I realized that a little late.
That's why when the match ended I just sat there like an idiot. I was confused and thought maybe the ref stopped it because I died. I was happy when he raised my hand.


Match 2 - Finals.
This dude won gi division, gi absolutes, nogi division, nogi absolutes. He beats me twice.
They gave me a penalty for not engaging. To me I thought he just butt scooted at me, not pulled guard.


I took silver in our division.


They wouldn't let me compete in my 10 year old bullshido shorts due to non color conformation, but I DID wear them on the podium :-)

Match 1 - Absolutes.
I was pissed I lost to the last guy and didn't get gold in our division, so I sort of took it out on this poor dude. At about 1:25 you can start to tell I'm over it and ready to murder him. How do you defeat a half guard sweep? Kimura from hell.


Match 2 - Absolutes.
And who do we have here? The dude that beat me soundly in the division finals. I gave it all I had. He rolled really far out of my kimura and I wasn't sure I would be able to follow, and I also thought I may break his arm, so I let it go - probably a mistake.
The foot lock hurt, and there was a bunch of pops so I tapped. My foot is fine a day later, so I think it was just my toe knuckles cracking but it really scared me.


Got silver in the Absolutes as well. Deuces.


3/31/2015 12:36pm,
Congrats on the belt.

It hurts my head when people call BJJ matches 'fights'.

4/09/2015 8:12am,
Match 2 - Finals.
This dude won gi division, gi absolutes, nogi division, nogi absolutes. He beats me twice.
They gave me a penalty for not engaging. To me I thought he just butt scooted at me, not pulled guard.



Congrats on your medals! I would call that a guard pull, he secured your wrist and sat down, you pulled free in the middle of the guard pull but by that point it was you duty to engage.

4/13/2015 3:45am,
Competed at the BJJ Tour in San Jose April 11th 2015

4 people in my division, Purple Master 1, Medium Heavy. Weighed in at 195.00 - max allowed weight 195 :-)

Match 1
Not much to say. His guard was pretty hard to open, basically waited for him to open it since he couldn't do anything and worked from there. Would have done a standing pass eventually if needed.

Finished with a Kimura / triangle combo, to sweep with the Kimura, to finish with the Kimura.


Second match (finals)

I don't know why he wanted to open my gi before he jumps guard... Worm guard maybe? I thought he was weird.

They didn't start the time, or had the wrong time up and restarted us after his first guard pull.

I pushed down on his wrist and lifted his elbow and it popped a bunch of times and he yelled. A weird Americana I suppose.


Another victory for the new purple belt!


5/04/2015 4:23pm,
Footage from Dream Jiu Jitsu, in Cerritos California. May 3rd, 2015
Purple Belt, Master, Medium Heavy.

My excuse:
I didn't train in December, January, and February due to my rib. I started back light in March and then suffered a minor AC tear. Since January I have trained maybe 15 times. My cardio is basically gone.

First match (double elimination)

I was doing fine until about 4min when I was completely gassed out. After that point I was not able to do anything effective due to lack of efficient cardio vascular system workings. Could have / should have won. He out worked me and I crumbled. Lost by 2 points.


Second match - still exhausted from my first.

I was exhausted and really wanted to burn up the clock dancing with him. I pretended to do some stuff just so I wouldn't get penalties for staling. You might as well fast forward to 3:55. He went for my leg and I let him have it, kept my leg in the middle and grabbed his belt for an anticipated yoko guruma, or similar. Landed nicely in knee on belly. He taps me on the shoulder at 4:20 because I asked him if he was OK (I'm sweetheart), he went limp after me knee on belly and I didn't know if he died. So then I pinned his near arm to go for a tricep slicer on the far arm, which didn't work. He touched my bad footsie so I bailed to traditional side control and started working for my kimura, with good results.


Took 3rd place.

6/30/2015 11:28pm,
My second No Gi Tournament.
Master 1, Purple, Medium Heavy (177 - 190.5lbs) I weighed in at 190.1
A 4 person bracket, my guy got DQ'd for being over weight - I advance to finals.

10+ (??) year old bullshido shorts made the uniform guideline, and were worn.

I have a torn right AC, right labrum, terrible left big toe, and "golfers elbow" on my right, my more or less. I am tapped up like a mummy.

They restarted it standing after my take down. That made me very happy, guaranteed 2 more points.

I was 100% confident I was going to win, and didn't fight the sweep after the second take down, wasn't concerned. That was dumb, but it worked out ok.

He tried to ram us off the mat when I secured the kimura, swept him back in bounds and got a verbal tap.

My everything really hurt after. When the ref raised my hand you can see me grimace.



7/27/2015 12:21am,
July 25th.
Advanced division (highest division) - middle weight, 180lbs

Dropped down from 195, easy cut, no issues.

This is my 3rd NoGi tournament, and the first with skill divisions, and not going by belt. I entered in the highest div obviously as a 7 month purple belt.

Match 1. Did enough to win. Secured my take down and he didn't want to open his guard, and didn't feel the need to make him. Perfectly happy to save energy and let him lose the fight through inactivity.


My second match. Firstly, I am ashamed at how hard I shoved him. I was out of bounds and the ref let him keep coming and choke me half off the mat with the table in my spine. Refs fault, not opponents. I apologized. His shoulder was crackling and popping, you can see his hand touching the back of his head in my Kimura. Tough or dumb, don't know.


Second half of my third match, finals. He pulled guard. Dude has been a blackbelt for longer then my continuous BJJ training in total. He ran through everyone in a few minutes. I felt like I was instantly going to be swept if I gave him any room so tried to keep it tight and delay the inevitable. There was some chit chat with ref over if he can heel hook me, the answer was no, for this tournament. ends up with a ankle lock that boom pow'd my bad foot.


Took Second place.

7/27/2015 8:59pm,
Much better views of the Subfighter matches from my friends camera.

Match 1


Match 2


Match 3