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12/22/2014 1:56pm,
Hey All,

This is sort of a general poll of the group here to see what people's preference is for how they throw the typical left hook.

Do you change the position of your fist depending on the situation (distance to the opponent etc.), or do you only try to throw hooks with a "vertical" fist (little finger to the ground) or a horizontal fist (palm to the ground).

Just wondering people's opinion on the matter - I've been told various things by various instructors in both Western Boxing, and other more traditional martial arts.


3/21/2015 11:12pm,

My first post after weeks of reading. YAY!

I've recently read a lot about the matter. It seems that there are as many people preaching horizontal as vertical fist with hooks.

Researching early pugilism, I found that the vertical fist was used to protect the thumb from breaking on defenses. So, for body shots they would use a horizontal fist so they wouldn't break the thumbs on the elbows, and vertically when going for the head.

In modern western boxing that is not an issue because of the heavy gloves with thumb protection, so it remains a matter of taste. I myself feel horizontal hooks to the head feeling more natural.


4/01/2015 8:29am,
I use vertical fist all the time, in all punches.

Knuckles Murphy
6/01/2015 3:05pm,
Hi Everyone,
Personally, I keep my thumbs up for my hooks. Most of my hooks I throw inside the pocket and with my thumbs up my elbows stay tight and my ribs are protected. I found (at least for me) that when I hook with my knuckles up, my elbows tend to go higher exposing my sides.
I think your best bet is to try both when you spar and see what feels right and gives you the best results.

8/05/2015 2:49pm,
The way that I was taught is that vertical is a defensive or check hook, whereas horizontal is an offensive hook.

That said, I use horizontal for almost all hooks, because I find that I have a tendency to over pronate my wrist with vertical and because the line to my ring finger knuckle from elbow seems to be straight as an arrow with horizontal and catches perfectly with the inwardly looping short hooks I tend to throw.