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Having been in TKD for 21 years I'm used to having pass/fail rank tests. The academy usually has regular rank tests scattered throughout the year.

I've also been in BJJ for around 6 years. From what I've seen, it is pretty much a "merit" system. You get promoted when the Professor feels you are ready. Maybe there is a test. Maybe you've won some competitions.

There is a local BJJ school in the Twin Cities that holds monthly reviews. The students get together, are paired off by rank/weight, and record the results of their matches. Students doing well earn stripes/belts. I've been playing with this concept, this "point" system in my head.

Does anyone know of a "traditional" school that runs rank advancement like this? Instead of a pass/fail test each belt (and perhaps stripes in a belt) is assigned a point value. Every month a student demonstrates their Forms, One-steps, Self-Defense, Sparring, Board Breaking, etc. to earn points towards promotion.

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Yeah, judo point systems get fairly complex in the US. Points for reffing, points for competition (just showing up, and/or winning, the rank of who you beat, how you beat them, etc). Competition track vs non competition...

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In Canada, you need the points to be able to test. You still have to take the test. Plus we don't do it for mudansha.

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Judo. Good catch. Thanks guys.