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12/07/2014 1:56am,
This is a review of Fusion MMA & Kickboxing (http://fusionkickboxing.com) of Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Aliveness: Easy 10! We are a very open gym and though we don't force anyone to spar, light to medium contact sparring is part of every Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. Every Thursday we reserve an hour or more though for hard, ball-out, take no prisoners sparring. Of course not everybody goes hard and everyone goes up or down depending on the level of their partner.

Equipment and Gym Size get great marks because this is a 7,500 square foot gym. We have a full weight, separate heavy bag room with 25 thai bags hanging, a Rogue Rack, 2 bath rooms, tons of barbells and other fitness equipment (ropes, ladders, kettlebells...you name it, we have it) and theres more. We have 2 boxing rings (yes two), more heavy bags near the huge mat space and lots of thai pads/mitts and kick shields.

Atmosphere: Everyone is very accepting and we definitely do not have cliques at our gym. I don't like it and won't allow it but we don't foster that type of atmosphere. It's all good vibes!

Instruction: We have various instructors for Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA. Everything has been used in local and regional fights/tournaments and used successfully. This includes BJJ (Gi and No-Gi), Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Combat Jiu Jitsu (modified MMA), Sport Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Vale Tudo.

Weapons: Although we don't really focus on it, I was going by the aliveness of the rating I do it once in a blue moon and it's pretty much MMA sparring with sticks!

For more info on my school feel free to check out our sites:
Fusion MMA & Kickboxing - Facebook (http://facebook.com/fusionkickboxing)
Port Jefferson Station Martial Arts - My Blog (http://portjeffersonmartialarts.wordpress.com)

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Here's my highlight videos I made of our programs:

MMA/Muay Thai Highlight

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Highlight

12/07/2014 3:18pm,
Looks very nice.
Combat bjj is like combat sambo?

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12/09/2014 1:08pm,
Combat Jiu Jitsu is essentially Sport Jiu Jitsu. Theres lots of various rule sets that slightly differ. It's usually MMA with no head contact, ground time is limited to 30 seconds but if theres action on the ground you keep going.