View Full Version : IJF Bans Judo Players from Non-Judo Competition

11/17/2014 9:52pm,

"Any Judoka classified in the <<IJF rankings list>> is not authorized to take part in any international competition of any combat sport, other than Judo, unless specific(ly) authorized by IJF."

Those were the words in an email from the International Judo Federation, which according to insiders, has been steadily making moves to separate itself from the rest of the grappling world.

Do you think Ronda Rousey's going to get permission to defend her title?


11/18/2014 8:34am,

I'm guessing, probably not...

11/18/2014 8:48am,
Already being discussed (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=123732).

11/18/2014 9:24am,
Yes, but this is a news thread that doesn't link to those hack, content-swiping assholes at BJJEE.

11/18/2014 10:09am,
I can't wait for BJJ to become an Olympic sport, so that the only legal technique will be the flying armbar (the audiences love 'em), and so that BJJ will finally be free of the toxic influence of MMA / any other normalizing influence of reality.

11/18/2014 3:47pm,
As I read it, it bans them (IJF ranked judoka) from INTERNATIONAL competition in other combat sports.

Not for example, myself competing in even a "national level" BJJ, wrestling, karate, or whatever competition.

Not sure what International means in the context of the letter, they will have to issue some clarification. For example, can I compete in a Canadian BJJ tournament ? Can Travis Stevens go to Vancouver and compete ?

BJJ doesn't really have any sort of recognized international federation, either.

This isn't the end of the world for Judo. It IS an example of the IJF protecting their "brand", though, and is consistent with their overall behavior.