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11/16/2014 8:29pm,
I trained in Qufu shaolin kung fu school from 2013 Sep to 2014 summer.I wasn't sure whether to include this section or not, as I like my masters (but three of them have left)...... the school is far from perfect,and the Head Master wei is a terrorist,who invited his friends to the school to kick in one of the Masters badly that was too far for me. i don't recommend qufu school,so I thought it would be better for students to be aware of these things so when the school makes a stupid decision, it will come as no surprise!

I have seen a few people come to the school who have specifically asked prior to arriving if they could focus on one area, such as Tai-Chi or Wing Chun or Wudang. All these people have been very disappointed, very quickly. The school has a schedule and if you want to do anything outside that you may not receive 'extra' tuition for your chosen area, which I can understand if a Master is trying to run a Shaolin Forms class outside and you want to be inside at the wooden dummy. I really wouldn't recommend the school for Wing Chun as the masters don't like to teach it and rarely do, and there are only two wooden dummies which are broken.

Making false promises: never fixing the wooden dummies; saying we can eat as much as we want for breakfast, then two months later handing each student a fixed amount.

I feel there are too many students,this makes for a very noisy environment with everyone living on top of each other and the children constantly shouting, running around the corridors, banging doors and making lots of mess.

There is no Buddhism taught or cultivated at the school in any shape or form. Despite part of the school advertising that weekly ‘Buddhism Theory’ classes will be held, these happen approximately once every 2 months, and when they do the masters simply read the same few pages from a book on the history of the Shaolin Temple.

Staff turnover
I’ve lost count of the amount of Masters that have come and gone in my year at the school. I have had four separate Masters myself, although they have all been brilliant, it would have been nice to have just one. I understand that their complaint is that they are not paid enough. I can understand their frustration as the Head Master has recently bought himself a brand new Audi Car.

The dogs
The school has two dogs, Dodo and Kahki. The Chinese do not give one flying **** about animals, but they will happy post pictures of themselves with the dogs on their social media to show off.

Kahki the big dog is tied up all day because he isn't trained and has a habit of going mental at children for no reason. Students complain about him being tied up (but having personally seem him fly at local children for no reason, run off and disappear for days, fight with other dogs, come back to the school with a rabbit snare around his foot etc etc I totally agree that it is actually better for everyone if he is secured).

As the school doesn't take any responsibility for looking after the animals properly, the students take it in turns (daily) to feed, water and walk the animal. You don't have to get involved but some people get quite upset by the way they treat the dogs. If they ever need veterinary care for example, the school will not pay. Last time the students ended up taking matters into their own hands and paid for Kahki to have an eye operation & medicine.

The website says ample food will be provided. This is a lie. Breakfast is two eggs only, a sachet of soya powder and a steamed roll. Everyone buys their own oats and died fruit to have with breakfast.

The lunch and dinner are the same dishes pretty much every every day, fine if you are only here short term, not so great if you plan on staying for a year or more. All the food is absolutely soaked in oil, we've complained and complained but they are convinced eating spoonfuls of oil is good for you so this will never change.

Final thoughts
This is a good school for a short term stay of 2 months or less, if you just want to get fit and learn some Shaolin kungfu forms. Not so great for long term students, or if you are seeking a 'deeper' experience encompassing Buddhism. It's also not the school if you want to focus on one aspect such as Tai-Chi or Wing-Chun. and don't be surprised if they act like normal young masters guys and go out drinking, actually I've only known them to come back a bit tipsy once in the whole time I've been here, very reserved if you ask me!

But My whole view of the school has completely changed over the last few weeks. I was willing to put the poor treatment of the dogs, the food, the lack of communication from the school etc ect aside as cultural difference. However when the Head Master invited his friends to the school to kick in one of the Masters that was too far for me. See a video someone uploaded here. The school lied to everyone about what had happened, saying the Master had threatened his wife with a knife, telling someone else the Master had threatened to kill the other masters.... totally bizzare story.
The worst part is that one of the friends who came to beat the master is now teaching at the school!

Tips for weather here

Lowest Temperature (in Jan &Feb) -15 degrees C,it is not good to come in winter that is quite cold and the heating is very poor.Highest Temperature (July& Aug ),that can reach 43 degrees C that is extremely hot.


11/16/2014 10:02pm,
This sounds horrific.

W. Rabbit
11/17/2014 1:11pm,


This video's title got my hopes up, but they were smashed to pieces.


W. Rabbit
11/17/2014 1:18pm,

Seriously, there are SOME elements of real southern Chinese saber form here (e.g. single moon flowing blade techniques). But nothing loses me on a "Shaolin" school faster than watching them train with these toys; the badness literally makes a sound, like nails on a chalkboard.



Jay Smith
12/23/2016 2:29am,
I have a friend who stayed at the dragon mountain martial arts academy for a year.
I'm also planning go there this summer. Any one of you heard about this school before?
Give me some advice pls... It sounds like a really nice place to go