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11/12/2014 9:09am,
Burak Değer Biçer's İstanbul-based Corvos BJJ team now has a satellite in İzmir, Turkey, run by Erdem Gencer. I train there and love it.

bjjizmir.com (in Turkish) (http://www.bjjizmir.com/)
(please note the classes in Balçova listed here (http://www.corvos.com/en/izmir) are no longer active)
and I can't upload a picture but here's an Instagram of class (http://instagram.com/p/ujNw4oh2me/?modal=true).

Erdem is a highly technical lightweight 2-stripe blue belt. The class is mostly white belts with a few blues. BJJ is young in Turkey, and İzmir especially, so this is not unexpected. The school is growing fast.

Classes are in the gi on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1900-2100 (7-9pm) and there's a no-gi open mat on Saturdays at 1400-1600 (2-4pm). We're currently at Cross Fight in Alsancak, right past the stadium, very near the Güzel Sanatlar bus stop. If you're not sure how to get there, respond to this thread or PM me and I'll meet up with you to bring you there.

Classes are run in the standard BJJ format, with a solid warm-up (running, front and back rolls, shrimping, animal movements, etc), followed by technique instruction (usually 3-4 related fundamental moves), then positional sparring based on the technique of the day, then rolling for at least 45 minutes. Some days we'll jump straight to warming up with a partner using pummeling, armbar and triangle drills, or submission combinations, and some days we'll skip positional sparring and jump straight to rolling after technique.

We occasionally work self-defense, including takedowns, defense against punches, and a bit of positional drilling with striking using gloves. This is where the 5 for striking comes from, because we do this, but don't train striking specifically. (Umut Tekin runs separate kickboxing classes in the same facility.)

The facility has custom-built mats for BJJ, plus padded walls and a crash mat. You can sign up separately for Muay Thai or weightlifting/crossfit-style workouts, and they have an MMA cage, bumper plates, kettlebells—the works.

10/11/2015 2:58pm,
Some updates. Erdem, the coach, is now a 1-stripe purple. Classes are now run in Üçyol and Alsancak, but not at CrossFight (which, by the by, is now named CrossFit Alsancak). Classes are Monday 21:00-22:00 (no-gi?/Alsancak), Tuesday and Thursday 20:00-22:00 (gi, Üçyol), and open mat Saturday 14:00-16:00 in Alsancak. We have a solid crop of students growing more technical week by week.