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10/11/2014 2:25am,
I used to train in shorin ryu ~3 years when I was in college and thought I would pick it up 20 years later but at shibu dojo (~50mi from the hombu). What was amazing is that the first day was a lot of posturing - "no bad asses here." or "I threw this person out of the dojo for doing xxx, etc, etc" There were only 5 people there most over 55, I was the youngest there at 35.

The next class - day 2, nobody was there. But I dusted off my old shureido gi, and was doing the front, side, roundhouse kicks and a few reverse punches to see if I could get the gi to pop - like the old days. The instructor walks in the room with a smirk makes me promise that "I will be a good student" and then during the class he shows me a kata and when I looked at his hands he was giving me the middle finger!!!! Just another day of posturing and intimidation.

Now either 1. he's testing me to see if I can take it and not do anything -because I think a hothead would've called him out. To be honest, it's easy to deal with as I see this as bizarrely juvenile. However, I wouldn't want to deal with this long term. 2. He has some personal issues 3. I really am an ass and don't even know it. I'd like to think that since I'm an engineer it automatically makes me a mild mannered nerd.. not an ass ;)

This "enlightened sensei" is an 8th dan with 40 years - honestly he seems the bruiser type. I think I've made up my mind and switch to another art with a dojo that has a healthier attitude. It's a shame because as a shibu dojo I could have trained with sensei seikichi iha a hanshi. In fact, when I did train, it was under iha and I've never had to deal with such toxic personalities. The other shame is that the organization would have recognized my current rank rather than starting all over.

I'd love to hear any analysis. Thanks All

4/07/2015 2:54am,
I'm no expert, but I don't think many katas include middle fingers - although they should! :D

Jokes aside, I don't think a trainer/sensei/instructor who tries to provoke his students in an insulting way is a good teacher. I might be wrong on that. But I wouldn't train under a teacher like this.