View Full Version : Jack Dempseys Drop Step

9/03/2014 11:05am,
Hi everyone Ive been learning Jack Dempsey's drop step and I have a few questions.

So far I have I think I have mastered the core of the mechanic.

I get sprung forward mightily fast to the point where my rear foot drags along the ground nail side down.

How do I stop my foot from scrapping along like this?

How do I stop my stance becoming so front foot heavy to the point where I am tipping forward and my rear leg is in the air?

Also I am used to starting with my weight on the rear foot to throw a straight right, with Jacks method he requires you to start with your weight on the front foot, is the weight you transfer via rotation (the normal way from rear foot to front) the same as the weight you transfer by drop stepping forward? It feels like they are different, it feels like you have to sacrifice one to do the other and vice versa. Can you do both? Can you start with the weight on the back foot transfer it forward via hip rotation AND trigger step forward into the punch? OR can you only do one or the other?