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8/28/2014 6:00pm,
After 3 and a half years of training, making it to black belt white stripe, and providing 2 years seamstress services to the school, I was asked to leave. Why? I could not continue to support the actions of the owner. The latest being a mission statement that was not a mission statement but rather a value he wanted the children of the school to have. It did not communicate effectively to the entire school audience of students/parents and simply did not provide the framework or context within which the schools strategies should have been formulated.

The school ratings are based on general instruction provided by the black belt instructors. They are the backbone of the schools success for the children's program and the happiness of the customers of children. Certainly not all of the students have had the same experience my son and I had. However I am compelled to state why I would not recommend this school to students aged 12 and up.

The past 3.5 years the owner taught the adult Tang Soo Do class which consisted of students aged 12-49. He bullied the younger students of the class using them as examples in demonstrations, sitting on them during pushups, belittling them in front of the class. As the 49 year old adult in the class I found him to be unprofessional in his dealing with upset customer's, and unable to handle any constructive feedback to better his approach to issues in the dojang. In the past year he disappeared from the school for a month without providing notice to his instructors, had a relationship with a students married parent and had outbursts of anger tantrums in the classroom. Lastly he doesn't hold himself to a code of conduct and respect that he expects from others. I have sent letters to the United Tang Soo Do Federation Grandmaster and Senior Masters of this complaint. I have kept all email correspondence and a journal noting my personal challenges with his actions and behavior.

Most individuals would stop and take the time to re-evaluate, admit mistakes, apologize and work on personal improvement to be a better person. This owner responds with denial and defensive remarks.

At this time I cannot recommend this school. If the owner were to make the effort through a formal program for personal improvement and effective communications there may be hope for the school.

8/28/2014 6:19pm,
I think we already had a review of this place, it led to this thread


8/29/2014 11:58am,
The rankings are a lot higher on this review.