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8/18/2014 9:55pm,
Have any of you had experience with the Hwa-Rang Taekwondo Federation along the West Coast of the U.S.? I'm starting to get a weird vibe from my school due to some slacking in the departments of technique, self-defense, sparring and basically everything else. My school is no longer part of that particular federation, but they are now part of the Idaho Taekwondo Alliance, which I'm also skeptical about. I am worried that my training time and money are being wasted and would like to know other opinions, if at all possible.

12/31/2014 10:50am,
If I recall correctly, this group is/was a breakaway from the ATA. I think I knew a guy at my old school who had trained with them.

yep ATA then ITC:

So the ATA was originally the U.S. branch of the ITF previous to 1969, I believe.
So as far as legitimacy of lineage is concerned I guess it's not any more a problem than ATA has.

The history of ITC, from what I remember was that a group of ATA masters had a falling out with the ATA and decided to do their own thing. I am not really sure what happened with ITC because I quit doing martial arts for a while after our school joined them.

Edit: Then this group apparently formed after that?

Your issues with the school seem to be more related to effectiveness than with legitimacy of lineage. Which I can make no voucher for at all other than to say that the kid I knew from that Hwa-Rang taekwondo group did fight in at least one amateur mma bout in Portland, OR and lost for whatever that's worth to you.

That is about all I can say, other than if you think the training is crap then go elsewhere.

12/31/2014 11:43am,
In my previous post, I state that the Hwa Rang Taekwondo federation doesn't have any more lineage legitimacy issues than ATA. After further thought and some research, this is incorrect due to the fact that while we can see where G.M. Pierce's 7th degree black belt came from, we cannot tell where the 8th degree came from.

Whereas when the ATA was formed H.U. Lee, not having what he considered the requisite rank to be president, got a guy named Kang who did have the correct rank
to be President, he was president from the start of the org until the late 70's.