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8/07/2014 1:03am,
Hey, I live in the Carmichael area of Sacramento, and I'm looking for a recommended school to learn taekwondo, or.. any other striking self-defense art, primarily a good school or someone to teach me?

I don't know how many Sacramentoer's are out there, but that'd be great, thanks.


8/07/2014 7:32pm,
Hey there, and welcome to Bullshido! Many will doubtless suggest it, so I may as well go ahead and say that it would be great if you could head over to Newbietown and post an introduction about yourself; that way, the posters here can know where you're coming from and how to help you better. Do you have any previous martial arts experience, or are you just starting out?

Also, how important is it for you to have striking as the focal point of the art you're studying? I ask because grappling arts (primarily Judo or BJJ) are usually fairly cheap and widely available, and have a track record of being very viable in self-defense situations.

8/10/2014 1:42am,
Alright! That's fine, I will soon enough, it's getting late, but I will soon enough.

Yeah, I'm just starting out. My father is guiding me, on this, as he practiced multiple arts during his martial arts 'career'. I understand where you're getting at, mainly because eventually I want to learn a grapple art, but after a striking art, if that makes sense.