View Full Version : Any Bullies in Murray KY or Bullies coming to Murray State University This fall?

8/04/2014 10:31am,
I moved back to Murray KY last fall and at my club it's just me and my instructor. While that has been good for me in terms of catching up with all the new changes in the belt I'm currently at and Belt ranks below me, its going to hinder my progress once I make Brown Belt and will need to put face time in front of students esp white belts.

We are the Murray Club in the Southeastern Kenpo Karate Ju-jitsu Brotherhood Association.

We train in a mix of ranges in Stand-Up, Clinch/Trapping, Grappling, Stick/Knife.

White belts train very traditionally(Horse stance and the like) and then in a more modern curriculum at the next belt.

Some of the biggest influences in the Art are: BJJ, CHA3 Kenpo Karate(Association we broke away from), Kali, JKD.

Training (and Esp in the Murray Club is similar to my training style in the military I experienced) is rough and the Murray Club uses a Racket-Ball room in the Carr Health Building in Racket-Ball room # 4 (and sometimes # 6 or the dance hall at the end of the hall). right now we train on Thursdays ≈ 6-8

Training is always building up, new techniques are learned with a compliant partner and a low intensity and speed and as you improve the compliance/intensity/speed move up. We train to perfection with the understanding that in real-life under the stress it will look like crap, we just try and mitigate how much like crap you will do.

Right now I only have my instructor to spar and hence he can't watch(though with new students it would be sometime till they could spar at my level unless already competent at some other equivalent art/arts.)(though I do have to be careful due to Injuries from my time in the military).

This Fall we will have another instructor join us after accepting a teaching position at MSU. He is Chief's 5th black-belt in 36 years(he will not promote without exceptional skill and dedication) and we hope to build our club up. Murray Kentucky is where we started as a CHA3 affiliate after our Professor Emeritus returned home to attend MSU after serving in the Navy in the 60's and formed our own Association in 1983. But we are the smallest club which is mostly due to the Chief Instructor's old-school hard nosed training.

Club dues are very small ≈ 20$ a month.