View Full Version : Ring One (Boxing Gym) - New Haven

8/03/2014 3:45pm,
I just started boxing at an old-school gym in New Haven, CT. Thought that I would throw up a review.

The gym is OLD-SCHOOL and JUST BOXING. Most of the gym members and kids and teens from the New Haven area, with a few older guys like me.

The gym is dank and dirty and smelly, full of old gloves, old taped-up bags, and a ring. There is some cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, stair-stepper) and some barbells and a smith-machine.

There are two speed bags, several heavy bags of different sizes, heavy bags with fake arms attached to them with gloves on the end, and two of those bags that are anchored to the floor and ceiling so that the bounce around when hit. Lots of big mirrors for shadow-boxing

The instructor is a guy named Brian Clark. From the clippings and posters on the wall it looks like Mr. Clark has taken a fair number of inner-city kids to amateur championships and things. He is also notable for being Chad Dawson's amateur trainer (here is a vid of him talking about Dawson's knockout loss to Adonis Stevenson-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEe53giVC0o).

I enjoy training here, but it is old-school with minimal instruction. What I mean by this is usually I spend an hour or 90mins doing my own thing getting a workout in, and then Brian pulls me aside for mitt-work and individual instruction for 10 or 15 minutes. He is really the only trainer so he pulls people aside, works with them briefly, and then sets them free to work on what he thinks needs to be worked on.

That being said, I have learned an awful lot about boxing, my own weaknesses, and the nuances of striking. So minimal instruction, but a lot of knowledge condensed in there.