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captain zorikh
7/06/2014 8:54pm,
Hi everyone. A couple of months ago, I got back from USA Knights' triumphant performance at the IMCF World Championships (in which I lead the "All-on-All" team in the "Kill the King" scenario, despite a ruptured ACL). I am now looking to build the sport and the team here in NYC, so I am doing a little bit of market research.

Here is a highlight video:


The MMA/Crossfit gym in Brooklyn, NY that helped me train this year is looking for new students. The question is this: would you be more likely, less likely, or make no difference in your decision to join a well-appointed MMA/crossfit gym with champion instructors in kickboxing, BJJ, boxing, wrestling and a record of winning competitors in amateur matches if it also had a class training for this sport?

The training would be on mats with padded gear. If you were interested in getting armor and competing, guidance would be given on how to do it.

...and if , for whatever reason, you were not going to join the gym (perhaps you did not want to leave your own gym, or whatever) would you be very, somewhat, or not at all interested in joining such a class if you did not have to join the gym to do so?

Thank you for your input. Excelsior!

Captain Z

7/06/2014 9:13pm,
I would say that it is somewhat of a specialized sport and probably will not be a big draw for new students. Now me personally I wish there was a place to practice that style of combat where I'm at, but even then I just don't think it would do well from a money standpoint. But try it and see what the turnout is, I would be happy to be wrong about it.

captain zorikh
7/07/2014 6:20am,
Thanks! For further details on the rules go to http://www.usaknights.org. The class being proposed is not currently attached to any organization, but the Armored Combat League (ACL) is the largest American organization dong the sport, and it is a part of the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF).