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5/19/2014 12:15pm,
I have been training at this club in Tottenham, London for about 5 years now. The club Escrima London is part of the Escrima Concepts Network, founded by Master Steve Tappin. Escrima London is run by Big Paul Leslie 4th TG

Scoring Rationale below.



Almost all training is done with a partner. While students can wear protection gear ( mainly gloves) we tend not to, relying more on the control (!) of your partner not to hurt you. All our drills are encouraged to be done at pace and with intent, which raises the level of intensity from passive sparring to fairly full on under pressure training. Inevitably before the end of the lesson, you will take what you have learnt and be tested by the instructors to see what you have learned and where you are still a bit weak.



Everyone is responsible for their own equipment , sticks, knives, machetes etc.. We can purchase through our instructor who gets a better deal than what is available online or through suppliers. Our sticks in particular are hickory and rattan, which seem to be of a superior quality to other clubs I have been to. They are definitely harder than your typical Escrima stick ! Our instructor also keeps a supply of spare weapons on hand for those who have forgotten or not got the required weapons for a drill.

Gym Size:


Small class size of about 10 students, 2 Classes per week. We are able to train without getting in each others way fairly comfortably. Where we are based we have access to training outdoors or on stairs for environmental training purposes which is a plus.

Instructor/Student Ratio:


Not sure if this is still scored but its one of the best things about our Club. Our class size is relatively small which means that students get a lot of attention from both Senior Instructor Big Paul Leslie and the assistant instructors. Paul in particular is very hands on which is refreshing as compared to other clubs I have been to.

Atmosphere/ Attitude


Club is really welcoming and friendly, everyone gets on and ends up staying long after the lesson finished chatting about whatever comes to mind. Everyone is keen to help each other and its one of the nicest clubs I have been part of. Distinct lack of overly aggressive, arrogant, macho egos. One of the big reasons I keep attending.

Striking Instruction:


Not sure if I have scored this appropriately, we do a lot of unarmed training, sparring with gloves and unarmed fighting against weapons. However we are on the whole a weapons based system so the ratio of unarmed fighting to weapons fighting is 30:70. In terms of pressure and real life testing, the club has a number of door people as students who end up using a number of the techniques learnt in their work in real life situations which helps to give the system real life validation.

Grappling Instruction:


We are primarily a weapons based art and don't really go the ground and start wrestling.
As both the founder of Escrima Concepts , Master Steve Tappin and our instructor Big Paul Leslie (4th TG) spent a number of years working the doors, I would say we do have a lot more control techniques than other Escrima systems. This becomes more important the higher up the system you go.



Its what we do. All weapons, sticks, knives, palm sticks, machete, staff etc... (what is taught depends on what level you are) . Club has a history of full contact competitions and weapons is very much the heart and soul of the club.

6/10/2014 10:16pm,
Thanks for the review. I am curious to know more about the system. The website doesn't say much other than it was founded by Steve Tappin some time ago. No information is provided on his background prior to that taking place. I am familiar with Rene Latosa's Eskrima Concepts, and his background is well established.

Do you have anymore information on the historical development of this system? If so, a thread in the Kenpo, Kali, and Kajukenbo forum would be interesting: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=107

6/15/2014 5:20pm,

The history used to be up at the escrima concepts main website, but I believe its in redevelopment at the moment. While I generally know the lineage I have asked Master Steve for a brief history so I don't miss out any major influencers. I know the system has been influenced by FMA, Medieval and European Weaponary. As soon as I have the info will post.



6/15/2014 5:36pm,
I look forward to seeing something on the history of the art and its founder. There are tons of FMA styles out there so it is hard to keep track at times in regards to who is who.