View Full Version : Black Hand Dit Da Jow on Sale!

Mor Sao
4/01/2014 1:15pm,
I wanted to offer something that is not a joke on April Fools Day.

I am offering my strongest Iron Palm liniment at $15.00 off per eight ounce bottle. I sell this liniment for $45.00 a bottle and have 25 bottles left in my current bottled stock.

You can get one of the strongest Iron Palm liniments on the open market custom brewed and hand bottled by a martial artist who has been training for over 35 years and is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Not many others have that background.

Come see why many people use my liniments in their schools and training programs.

These will not last at this price!

Only 22 bottles at this price!!

Once they are all ordered, the price is going back up to $45.00 per bottle.


Mor Sao
5/08/2014 10:55am,
Sold out in 2 days.

All gone.

Watch out for future sales. Next one will be July 4th.