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3/30/2014 2:28pm,
Hello gents, not sure if this is the right place for this but noticed that there's threads similar here so thought I'd post it.

May have a fight coming up. Been going to a gym for about a month (I'm in and out of gyms due to my work meaning I move from city to city) grading Wednesday going from unranked to orange which I'm fairly proud of, if I pass but that's not the point of the post.

After a 4 hour session last Wednesday (2 hours kickboxing, hour circuit training and an hour sparring) and an hour of sparring with the instructors and black belts of the gym (getting my arse handed to me) the main instructor said that there's a fight comp coming up. The PKA Nationals in Birmingham.

Now I don't know how long I have left of work down in Birmingham and to be honest I'm a little nervous. Though I'd be happy to do it. I was a little tired and probably not all there after that long a session so just said I'd sleep on it over the weekend and didn't ask enough about it which I'll probably ask tomorrow.

The fight is in two weeks and said he'd set it up with someone like myself who has no fight experience. So I'm just wondering if anyone here has any advice for me. If you'd take it. What I can expect or should expect. Has anyone fought in the PKA nationals? I'm a little in two minds about it. Honestly I'm flattered on the idea that my instructor thinks I'm ready, though not %100 if I am, though on the other side, I don't want to be sat regretting that I didn't try when I had the chance.

So what do you guys think? Be grateful for any advice given. Cheers

3/30/2014 11:55pm,



Boxing gloves shin guards and head gear. Semi contact?

I think you will live through the experience. Give it a go.


Hill sprints.

4/01/2014 3:11am,
Aye had the word with the instructor last night. Semi contact point scoring nothing to worry about. Was a little disapointed to be honest thought it was going to be full contact just padded up. Like an amature fight. The sparring we do at that gym is full contact stuff. Oh well think i'll have a go at it should be fun and an experience. If i can get there on the day i'll have a go and maybe get some footage for on here.

Probably made this a bigger deal than it should have been but cheers for the advice.

4/04/2014 12:26pm,
Well looks like the fight is off anyway, seems the job as taken us away from Birmingham where the fight would have been and I've no transport there. Such is the nature of my work, real pain in the arse. Oh well, guess keep up the training where ever I can.

Oh well, least I got my Orange belt while I was down there :)


Something to take away from the experience. Now just need to find another PKA gym at the next place and keep it up... Also Hill Sprints, lots and lots of hill sprints.

4/04/2014 12:39pm,
Yeah. Well you should still be doing hill sprints.

4/04/2014 2:36pm,
Well there's not been too many hills to sprint up in Birmingham, the place is surprisingly flat with canals that smell of piss and people who speak with extremely odd accents (irony) though seen as I'm back in my home town of Barnsley for the next few weeks and we are nothing but hills, plenty of hill sprinting to get done... Plenty of hard training to do. Hopefully the next fight I do get the chance for is an amateur full contact :)

Cheers for the advice :)