View Full Version : East Coast Grappling THROWdown NC

3/24/2014 3:02pm,
So I've been trying to get some Freestyle Judo started in the area for a while now and so far the response has been overwhelming. To make a long story short two Judo clubs in VA have extended an offer to fill up some cars and make the journey to North Carolina to do an open matt and do some grappling so we can get some pratice refereeing before we start hosting any official judo tournament.

So I figured It would be a shame to let all that out of state talent go to waste so if there is enough interest I was thinking we could try to set up an little mini throwdown. We were already planning on having some of the other local BJJ clubs come on in so a few more warm bodies would be more than welcome. Don't have a date set in stone yet so I'm all ears provided its a saturday. (They want to drive down friday night and leave sunday morning)