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Magpie McGee
3/06/2014 1:18pm,
This past weekend I had my first Muay Thai fight at the Arnold Sports Festival, and here, for critique and your amusement I present my video.

I'm the fighter in the red corner, and if I look a bit smaller than my opponent, that's because I was. I apparently misunderstood the weight divisions the event was using when I registered, so I ended up having to fight in the under 170 lb division at 158 lbs. Still, it wasn't that bad.


The official decision wasn't in the video, but I won. Here's a picture of that I guess.


So bullies, I come to you for feedback. Tell me about all the ways I still suck, so that I can keep trying to suck less.

3/06/2014 2:38pm,
Looking good. Solid looking punches, willingness to engage, kept hands up, good control of the clinch despite being smaller, footwork that didn't get you caught in the corners, good hip action during kicks.

3/21/2014 10:59am,
Wait, they let you fight 12lbs under weight? It was full contact right?
Agree with what Permalost said, btw. Glad you got that first fight in!

Magpie McGee
3/21/2014 2:18pm,
They were iffy about it, but I was not going miss my first fight just because I thought there was a 160lb division.

Yes it was full contact, and thanks to both for the kind words.

Dude being a southpaw really screwed with my kick distancing. I need to find more of those to spar with

Magpie McGee
3/21/2014 3:17pm,
Hey, good to see a fellow svelte person in action

You took some solid shots there, fair play

Towards the end your opponant look very tired, dropping his guard when kicking and such

Did you feel you took advantage of his poor condition? How were you feeling, cardio wise, in round 3? You looked pretty strong

Thanks doof.

I slowed down more than I would have liked, but I think everything held up ok. I didn't have to dig too deep to keep going, but maybe if I had, I could have done more damage towards the end there.

3/21/2014 3:53pm,
I just watched more of it. You kept very good composure!

When you feel tired, always remember that your opponent is probably more tired, or at least just as.

I really like how you know to move as you're throwing punches and kicks. Too many guys just stand there. IMO the only time you shouldn't have lateral movement when striking is when you are launching a flurry. All other times, be moving laterally.