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The Last Ronin
1/19/2014 9:52pm,
About a month ago I started using Battle Balm, which is kind of like Tiger Balm, but available in 3 different strengths. I've always been a strong supporter of Tiger Balm, but saw that the owner of Battle Balm was wanting someone to review his product so I figured why not?

So the company offers 3 different balms: Original, Extra Strength, & Demon Strength.

Here's the break down of the active ingredients.

Original Strength Battle Balm.
9% Menthol
7% Wintergreen
5% Camphor
5% Cajeput

Extra Strength Battle Balm
12% Menthol
9% Wintergreen
7% Camphor
5% Cajeput

Demon Strength Battle Balm
18% Menthol
15% Wintergreen
11% Camphor
7% Cajeput

There is also a short list of the remaining ingredients and what they are beneficial for. You can check that out on the Battle Balm website.

Here's the break down in Tiger Balm so you can compare.

Red Tiger Balm
10% Menthol
11% Camphor
6% Dementholised mint oil
7% Cajuput oil
5% Clove bud oil
5% Cassia oil

White Tiger Balm
8% Menthol
11% Camphor
16% Dementholised mint oil
13% Cajuput oil
1.5% Clove bud oil

Ok, so you're probably wondering about the actual product. My favorite by far was the Demon Strength. It had a REALLY strong smell that some might consider overbearing. I loved it! It was also a pretty strong product. I used it on some of my tougher bruises, after lifting leg days, and to massage the build up of scar tissue around my c-section.

The Demon Strength gave a pretty strong cooling sensation. I noticed that when I applied it to bruises there wasn't much discoloration the following day and there wasn't any noticeable pain (applied balm to shins). I'd been having a lot of discomfort on one side where my c-section was and after using the balm I noticed a significant decrease in the pain. Battle Balm also recommends using it on the scar if you've had ACL surgery. The scar tissue is still there, so hopefully it will continue to go down.

The biggest surprise I had was how well the Demon Strength took away the muscle soreness from lifting, you know the shitty pain you get from DOMS. I put it on my quads and hamstrings before bed and the following day I felt like a million bucks.

I wouldn't recommend using this product before BJJ classes, because your partners might not appreciate it being inadvertently rubbed on them. Just saying.

The other one I used was the original. It was similar to the Demon strength, just dialed down a few notches. I used this on minor bumps and on split knuckles. This one was really nice as well and I used it a lot through out the day.

I haven't gotten a chance to try the Extra Strength, but when I do I'll update.

I train 6 days a week (MMA/ BJJ/ Lifting/ Cardio) and through out the month I ended up using half of the .5 ounce (sample size) of Original & Demon Strength. So if you use it frequently you'd probably go through a .5 ounce sample in a month. That means their 2 ounce size should get you AT LEAST 4 months. Samples cost just under $10 and the 2 ounce is right around $20.

This was probably a bit on the long side, but I wanted to be informative. I really liked the product and will definitely continue using the Demon Strength.