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Pvt. Joker
1/09/2014 9:29pm,
Hey guys, I'm sure this is a popular question among boxers/kickboxers of all types -- I was wondering if anyone actually knows how effective the Philly shell guard is in an MMA fight. I'm aware that it's a hard guard to master, but I just wanted to know if it's usable and its practicability. Also, can it be used in a wider stance, or is the "bladed" aspect what gives it its blocking/counterpunching ability? I'm an outside fighter, and I was considering playing around with the clam a little bit next time I spar. However I'm not so sure how to set up the guard since there aren't really that many tutorials and also because I know it's harder to kickbox with a bladed stance.

A little bit about me:
15 Years Old
Muay Thai/BJJ practitioner (for a few months now)
5'10 with a long reach
150 lbs

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.

1/10/2014 6:46am,
You definitely see guys shoulder roll effectively in short bursts (Anderson Silva for one), but IMO doing the full James Toney impression will get you leg kicked and taken down fairly easily.

It does seem to me like standing bladed is essential for the stance to work.

Disclaimer: I'm a horrible striker.

1/10/2014 6:54am,
P.S. Lengthy Sherdog thread on the subject: http://forums.sherdog.com/forums/f11/using-shell-crab-type-defense-mma-kb-2469597/

A guy called Ivica Truscek weighs in part way through who has won a bunch of fights doing it, though he agrees it has weaknesses that he struggles with.

Pvt. Joker
1/10/2014 5:50pm,
What about using one hand to block the head area and one to block the lower abdomen? I know the whole point of the guard is the shoulder roll, but it seems like it adds a lot of speed for counterpunching. So then maybe your main defense doesn't have to be the shoulder roll? I dunno I'm not much of a striker either, I like grappling a lot better but it seems that boxing has a lot of very beautiful techniques that aren't covered so much in Muay Thai. I've kinda been researching boxing more of as a side project type thing.

Brendon Katz
12/14/2015 2:26pm,
Hammer fists from above the shoulder down onto the temple are illegal in boxing. Not so in MMA. If a guy has any sort of ability to adapt, a philly shell style will be fed hammer fists over the shoulder all day. Also takes the lead hand out of position for kicks coming up at the head.

Mr Mojo Lane
8/18/2016 7:40am,
Getting the guy using the Philly Shell to put a lot of weight on his back leg is one of his weaknesses. In boxing, he can totally shell up, but in MMA, he just gives you a leg kick or a single leg