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12/18/2013 5:27pm,
so a while ago one of the dudes i work with (who is a pro boxer) let me borrow this thing for a few rounds, and i fell in love. had to have one. finally got one in from amazon a few weeks back, been doing 10 rounds of shadow boxing/bagwork with it every morning (followed by sprints on the treadmill then sprints on the bike coz im hardkore) and i tell you what, its pretty fucking super. my hand speed previously has been compared to children, undead, peoples mothers etc, now im getting comments from people asking what the **** ive been doing to improve it so drastically.

probably the fact that im doing 10 rounds every morning has a lot to do with it, but even so the strength and speed with my hands feels fucking super.

it came with some other horseshit like leg attachments and a truly hilarious workout dvd-


which i have since thrown into the back of a closet somewhere, but the base device is fucking great. first time i did 10 rounds with it i was fucking dying at the end, and that was on the light setting cos im such a baby, think im about ready for the medium setting.

anywhere here is a clip that i got a fellow bro at the gym to record on my potato phone. hes from niue and they dont know how to hold a phone to record **** properly so sorry for that. this is round 10 of 10 so im a bit fucked at this point but i might use a proper camera and record some fresh rounds over xmas while i have nothing else to do.


5/14/2014 11:47pm,
Oh man. If I ever get off of my lazy American ass and start training for realzies again, I am totally getting one.

5/15/2014 12:27am,
This seems awesome. I might need to get one.

5/15/2014 3:04pm,
been using it for a while now. definitely feels better, graduated to using the medium level resistance, although im about to have eye surgery so i cant do anything where i get punched in the face for a few months. so wont be able to continue testing its effects for a bit.