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Omega Supreme
11/03/2013 5:06pm,

There are more martial arts schools in America than there are 7-Elevens. Many of them offer some cultural mysticism from exotic lands, promoting supposedly lethal self-defense techniques - now available to kids! - for the low, low price of half this week’s paycheck. So in the world of McDojo’s, how do you know what’s legit? Not everyone is offering that UFC stuff: boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu (otherwise known as the legitimate arts). Maxim.com donned its all-purpose black belt and tracked down the five least effective martial arts.
#3 Shin Kicking:


After reading the article, and in truth I would have to concur with a lot of it, I find Danny Acosta's article quite limited and ignorant in some of his conclusions. We could completely take a part every opinion but we'll leave this up to you.

11/03/2013 5:30pm,
Sumo seems pretty handy, actually. But the article reads like a poor copy of Sean Baby's Cracked articles.

The Cap
11/03/2013 6:37pm,
#3 Shin Kicking:


11/03/2013 7:41pm,
So because it's Maxim the writer has to be douchy? And wtf was with that list they found some **** called shin kicking to make a point?

11/03/2013 7:48pm,
So because it's Maxim the writer has to be douchy?
Yeah, pretty much.

11/04/2013 11:12am,
You could win a world record for shin kicks...


Totally legit, I'm sure.

See also:


11/04/2013 12:59pm,
The shin kicking/purring he's talking about is kicking TO the shins with the feet, not kicking WITH the shins.

11/04/2013 2:06pm,
Didn't care for Mr. Acosta's article. Shin kicking -- tho arguably the most SD practical of the five -- is more like hopsack racing than a martial art. The statement about learning a martial art from old people in a park, and other comments about TaiChi, is just deliberate ignorance for the entertainment of his readers. And I really wish people would stop putting up Seagal's face whenever Aikido comes up, like he is the official spokesman and Great Kahuna of Aiki. He's really not helping Aikido's image problem.

11/04/2013 2:18pm,
Whatever, it's Maxim - Penthouse to GQ's Playboy. That it has any article on MA, let alone one deriding the perceived bottom 5, is more of a cultural commentary than anything else.

Actually, it's kinda sad that Cracked has been years ahead in this space.

11/04/2013 7:37pm,
You underestimate shinkicking at your peril

Looks good, the movements resemble judo foot sweeps, but with straw in your pants.