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Classes are led by our venerable coach Joel Szepesvary, who is a long time purple belt under Matt "the professor" Cooper (a BJJ black belt under Anthony Perosh). We are strongly affiliated with Mr Cooper's Brisbane gym and benefit from regular exchanges and access to their higher level belts and seminars. In the last 18 months major seminars have been conducted by Carlos Machado, Anthony Perosh and Brandon Vera as well as an array from AMA Brisbane's black and brown belts (including recently ordained BJJ black belt and bullshido poster MDARRAGH (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/member.php?u=138257)).


Classes are run six days a week and general classes include gi and no-gi BJJ, kids BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, ladies kickboxing, kids kickboxing and strength & conditioning. Specialist, small group and one-on-one classes available by appointment. At $80/month no contract, it is by far the best value on the coast.


There is a strong competitive feel to the club with a large proportion of students competing regularly at BJJ, submission grappling and amateur MMA events. The club performs strongly medalling at the state and national level in BJJ and has a winning MMA club record . Most recently a team of 5 competed in the 2013 Gold Coast BJJ Championships, returning with 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze between them (including one podium whitewash) across the white and blue belt divisions.


Despite the competitive mindset classes are friendly and inviting and although you will be pushed, you'll have a great time doing it. Weekly sparring sessions are run at a baseline 60-70% intensity, though can range up to 90-95% by mutual consent and cover all ranges. There are regular social Sunday Sessions to watch UFC events at the North Shore Tavern and last year's Christmas party involved some beach wrasslin'.


The gym has recently moved locations and it is the recent finalisation of the MMA caging that has prompted this review. The new locale boasts approx 75m2 (~850ft2) of caged matted training space, a dedicated weights area, heavy bags, chin-up bar and large concreted car-park for strength & conditioning fun (think water jugs, sleds, tyres, axles, battle ropes, kettle bells, running harnesses etc.). The gym boasts a full range of padded equipment (including gloves for new recruits and the forgetful) and cleanliness is of the utmost importance.


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Current Timetable:


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I'll just throw in that the guys I've trained with from here, including Cualltaigh, are awesome people. I've trained with a few and although I am by no means high level, I can attest to them being of a very high skill level!

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looks great! loved the cross fit arena outside :D we are on our way to do the same.