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8/02/2013 6:26pm,
This is the Brazillian Jui-Jitsu Club found at the Miller Community Center Annex on Capital Hill in Seattle. Details:

This is the least expensive BJJ instruction I have ever heard of on the West Coast. It's not free, but compared to other BJJ instruction in Seattle, it is close to free.

There are guest black belt instructors there about 10% of the time, and a brown belt instructor there when there isn't a black belt about 40% of the time, and when no black belt or brown belts are there, another 30% of the time there's a purple belt, and 20% the time the highest rank there is a blue belt.

This school is great for attitude and encouragement (the best training environment I have ever studied in, and I have trained in a wide variety of martial arts schools.) Everyone there is as friendly as they can be, and at the same time everyone is encouraged to compete in upcoming tournaments. There is a class or open mat 4 nights a week on average (occasionally only 3.)

The mats are portable, meaning they have to be carried out of a storage closet and set up by the students before class. The club prides itself in mat hygiene, as the class bleaches the mats before storing them after every class.

Obviously absent of any weapon instruction (aside from Jacket/Gi manipulation) I only gave this school a 2 on striking because MMA type situations are occasionally considered when discussing techniques.

One other thing about this BJJ club is that there is very little stand up studied. In my first 20 classes we covered throwing/take down techniques in only one of those classes. This club's focus is on your ground game (exactly what I was looking for.)

There is a very high focus on sparring/rolling at this school, at least 30 minutes every class, often closer to 45.

I strongly recommend Summit BJJ. This is the official club website:

3/20/2015 12:12am,
Update for March 2015: there have been belt promotions, so that now there is usually a black belt teaching class, and when not, there is usually a brown belt teaching class.

Monday & Wednesdays are with uniforms, Thursdays are open mat, Fridays are no-gi.

"Grappling Instruction" now a 9 or 10.