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7/24/2013 2:36am,

hopefully finally getting back to fighting soon, so thought i would upload a vid for members of bullshido to critique/**** on.

couple of things-

1. yes im aware of my left roundhouse kick. my left hip is absofucked from an earlier life of x-country running. it is what it is.

2. this is not my music, the gangster in the puff jacket is my coach and it is his muzak.

7/24/2013 4:11am,
Main observation: you are much better than me.

If we're nit-picking, maybe wouldn't kill you to exit on an angle after a combination from time to time? Seems like you skip straight back a lot.

7/24/2013 6:56am,
Some good techniques there,

Only minor stuff and it may be the angle of the film but it looks like you skip to perform a lead low kick, when I used to fight I always personally found it better to just drop in to the lead low kick as opposed to skip, your way isn't wrong or anything but I just found it was harder for the opponent to block as it was a bit quicker without the skip. The only time I would usually vary it was if I used a front kick with the rear leg in which case I would use a springing low kick.

Also hands look like they are dropping sometimes during combinations a little bit.

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Drunken Soim
7/24/2013 12:47pm,
Hey, nice video. Are you a south-paw or you changed your stance because of your left leg?
Anyways, nice drill. It's 2 minutes with all techniques and movement, right? How many reps you do per session?

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7/24/2013 2:23pm,
i usually do 10x2 minute rounds per morning. nice way to wake up. im southpaw cos the good lord hates me and decided i was destined to rot in hell, or thats what my coaches tell me.

my hands do look kinda low. i think i have a bad habit of dropping my left slightly when i move out. ill add it on to cutting an angle afterwards. i also seem to punch down at a fair angle, but i do spend a lot of time fighting midgets.

W. Rabbit
7/24/2013 2:45pm,
You have good footwork and as we say in Hung ga, your ging is alive and explosive (faht ging)

One question, why do your punches seem...low? If I had been the bag I don't think any of them would have gone above my shoulder line.

7/24/2013 4:28pm,
I was a south paw until I joined my previous muay Thai classes and they trained orthodox, so from then on I fight that way, strange considering my power comes from the lead leg and arm.

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