View Full Version : Perfect is the Enemy of Good - Monday Motviation

7/15/2013 8:44am,

7/15/2013 9:16am,
Does that make good the enemy of mediocre?

That's about my level at the moment.

W. Rabbit
7/15/2013 4:48pm,
Perfection is divine

To err is human

To **** it up completely requires a computer

Are you attempting to pass this off as your own creativity?

Sources please...will you ever learn?

7/15/2013 4:59pm,
My old sifu told me this. Soon after, I quit kung fu.

W. Rabbit
7/16/2013 12:55pm,
What is wrong with you wabbit?

Grow a pair and stop acting like a whiney bitch. It's embarassing

No, you are still a confused chainsaw twirling goofball who needs to harden the **** up.

Irony is you whining about someone "Whining" when you are challenged to produce a citation or source.

In other words, it's not whining to point out your plagiarism.

Embarrassing is you spelling embarrassing wrong.

So, grow an irony meter, stop whining about me, link your sources, and get a better spellchecker.

Also not whining; just good advice. All I've ever given you.

W. Rabbit
7/16/2013 12:59pm,
You dick

See now that was simple and didn't require a citation, because it's your own expression.

Less is more. You are learning.

You may move one seat closer to the head of the class. I am taking the rest of the day off before I go train in this godforsaken heat wave.